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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Think Good

by Anonymous in NJ

I write once more in the hope it brings those affected (as I once was) to see their goodness and not fall prey to those who (deliberately or unconsciously) attempt to bring others down, to feel good themselves. In psychological terminology it is called transference; putting what ails one to another in the hope of feeling better themselves.

That's the secular view of rising. But there is the look at things above view. The 'little devil' always tries to imitate THE GOD but of course; it's not the same. It might sound same but there is a difference in how we live. (secular or spiritual) and 'the motives' of our doing. We are flesh and spirit and the fleshly human ideas must be given up; for His SPIRIT to dwell fully. We rise in the Spirit of the one who rose. 'Our lives' are hidden in this Spirit; as we live 'from the spirit' / rise above the bully by our actions towards them. It will truly throw them off completely when we do opposite of what they have come to expect of humanity. We will be acknowledging God without saying a word.

We have ONE who was so good, he took on 'all the bad stuff' (sin; not mentioned these days) to himself. And that's what "the world" doesn't know. They can lay all the bad feelings in them to Him; and for such faith in Him, He will provide His life of strength, of compassion, of patience, of whatever they lack. Give Him your temper and He will provide patience. Luke Chap. 9 verse 23 - 24. To gain our life we must lose our life. That's not our physical life but 'the spirit of human fleshly life' - what we deem important. What is of utmost importance is 'our soul' (the reason for the journey) Do not fall into the world's misery.

SEE ALL THE GOOD God gave you every day, know He's with you (unless you find he's not; and then ask Him back with a quick prayer of sorrow for... and vow not to do again, with his help) Feel that forgiveness and humbly live it out there; so our persecutors and intimidators also might come to know God.

Only good will follow me all the days of my life - Psalm 23. This isn't a denial 'bad exists' (the devil exists) but only that He keeps me from falling 'for it' If they don't accept you in one town; go to the next, or next job whatever. Don't get pulled in. Don't try to change them. (God can't change folks acting on their free will so don't think you can) Act in faith of God, and if need be keep moving til you find a good place to work. (don't worry what others say about so many jobs) If you need to stay a bit to gain work experience; 'offer up' the time redemptively. Do good to others whether reciprocated or not; and show 'em God! ALWAYS. You will be blessed and receive grace "grace it is to do good while accused or suffering unjustly" 1st Peter. (or stay as clear from 'the bad one' if possible.

Lead me away from temptation Lord. The temptation to answer back or argue - because it will be you who gets the boot. (it's the way of the world's sight) Don't take the 'bait.' And never never never speak to authority management about anything but 'the work you have to do' / this was the biggest obstacle I had to learn. And yes; granted - as workers we shouldn't have to actually do this enduring if our management authority world set forth expectations of go(o)d behavior to all. (as it used to be) The legal laws of working; has their hands tied; even if they do understand your dilemma. Thank liberal philosophy, everyone do their thing; what makes one feel good for themselves. No wrong. (it's the devil trying to make his way 'sound like' God's way. Be discerning.) That devil says 'if nothing is wrong' we are free from sins / nope. Truth sets one free. Free 'in the dependency of God who guides us in our actions toward others.'

See God's love for you, see good that surrounds you, don't take the words of others personally; you know there is not truth to their anger. Figuratively put up a mirror in front of you and realize 'they are yelling at themselves' (not you) Angry because..........? See beyond the person to 'the sin' causing the problem in this one who; except for the grace of God; go you. Pray for them daily.

Hate that sin but love that sinner. Bring this one to see their good while praying for them that God reveal their 'fault' (only He can)

God is GOOD and we don't have to 'live with' or 'work with' those who are truly nasty. Just leave; with new job or without. Stay as clear of debt as one can. and stay HUMBLE. (don't talk too much of the way just live it)

(and yes, sometimes, give folks a break, sometimes it's a one day bad moment, be merciful and give benefit of doubt)

Do to others as we want it done to us. Live mercy, forgiveness.


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Response to the above
by: John

Some very encouraging insights into the benefits of adherence to faith, and the supreme Christian value of striving to encourage harmony in all our relations.

please; put this link
by: Anonymous

This is the last time I will write; I hope all the words give encouragement to the victims of bullying. Yes; they are victims (but only if we let 'them' make us victims)

Don't give a bully power over your life. They go merrily on their way totally oblivious of what wrong they did. (true) and you, victim, are getting eaten up inside. Do not hate, do not feel bitter, no jealousy, no anger. Be angry 'a bit' for the 'sin' that occurred but do not wish harm to your bully. Instead PRAY for him or her that God will enlighten their mind and soul and repent. (turn back to God)

Accept God's love to you; asking forgiveness to Him for anything 'of you' that brought some tension to 'this other' (only if the Spirit so speaks to you) Ask forgiveness and live forgiveness and pray for that other who hasn't got what you now have active in your life GOD!

In doing this you change the world (not by lawsuits or revenge of any kind) They problem is NOT with the person but what is in the person. SIN. S-elf I-ndulgent N-atures. SIN! Pray God
enlighten this other as He did you that there will be mutually cooperative working. (in God) Pray for a nation 'et al' humble again; and that all the little gods come to know THE God again..

This link; gives good words...I hope you put it up


It's not about you or them; but 'the sin' that clouds men and women from knowing and living God in the world. From sharing, from knowing the security of God who always provides to all.

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