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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Thought They Were My Friends... As We Grow Old, It Never Ends

I should have known better, ya know the feeling we all get in our stomachs when we know someone has a toxic attitude. I never really liked her. She was loud, rude and cursed a lot but I didn't hate her by any means. It all started last week but definitely had been building up. I began feeling left out as I had a lot of stress going on in my life. My husband lost his job, we lost our home and financially we were living on a prayer. I tried so hard to remain positive but some people see a weakness and like a pack of wolves they will pounce on the weakest victim (in this case… me).

The day I left for vacation the bully whom I thought was a friend began posting negative things about me on Facebook. I just ignored it and hid her posts from my newsfeed, then as I began posting positive things she would in turn post how she hated my posts and I was annoying her. I did not delete her but I took care of the problem I hid my posts from her, I felt I was doing her a favor. I mean she didn't like what I was posting so now she wont have to endure it anymore.

In a short few days my phone is blowing up about how the "group" was talking bad about me and the office is buzzing about it, out of my 7 friends only 2 (who weren't in the group) contacted me and offered their support. So I ignored the bullies and the next day was deleted by the main bully (hoping this was the end to the drama) I thanked my friends for being there for me through the year that was full of unfortunate transitions and even that a positive post of thanks and gratitude got turned into something negative. Someone whom I didn't even think I had a problem with posts that she didn't want put in the middle of it. I hadn't posted anything about the whole bully mess I was simply giving thanks to those I thought deserved it.

I called off work today, I hate to admit it but I'm weak and I can't face the demons. I know there are others in my workplace that have dealt with this but I feel alone and I don't know who to trust. How do I move on from this? My mom had the same situation when my father passed away which tells me it doesn't matter how old we get there will always be bullies.

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