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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Threatened by Transgender Neighbor

by Sara

Sorry, I can't be PC about this experience... I'm telling it like it is because I believe the hormones this person was taking affected their temperament, as I interacted with them before and after their gender transition.

I was living in a condo in So Cal when a nice young man who introduced himself as Johnny moved in below. Very quiet and polite. About eight months after Johnny moved in, things changed. First off, the noise level went way up as there were people coming and going all hours of the night. I would see a girl in a dress go in and out. So I figured Johnny had moved out and this young woman moved in.

One late night I had had enough of the noise downstairs after not being able to sleep. I called security who came by and told them to keep it down. Not five minutes later, there is banging at my front door. "Get out here bitch, I'm going to kick your ass," says a male voice. I look out the peephole and there stands Johnny in a low cut dress with a female friend. What a shock that was, not just the gender transition but to be threatened by someone twice my size! So I called security back and they came back and handled the situation.

The next day, I called the landlady who had no idea that "Johnny" was now "Jennifer". I said the next time Jennifer threatens me, Im filing a police report. The landlady called Jennifer who said she had the right to do whatever she wants in her apartment and I was being transphobic by calling security. The landlady told her to keep it down and follow the rules or else she would be asked to leave. At that point, Jennifer cussed the landlady out. Jennifer moved out soon thereafter.

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