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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Totally Lost and Depressed

by Ailen

I've been with this company for several years and was an exemplary employee. I didn't have any work problems until I transferred to another department of this company. The last 5 years of this job was a living hell.

In the past, I brought issues of racial discrimination against my supervisor. I'm in my 50s, a minority woman with 1 year College Education. This supervisor also ridiculed my work and believed that it was not up to their standards. The company just swept the racial issues under the rug and the supervisor gave me an apology. This supervisor left the company a year ago. This supervisor also had histories of mobbing two of the ex-employees of that department.

When I've asked for a promotion last year, I was placed under micro-scrutiny and gave me unattainable work deadlines that simply set met to fail. During my evaluation process this year, I was given a written warning that I'm marked for expulsion if I don't meet my job requirements.

I'm still working for this company and trying very hard to comply, but sometimes I asked myself, when would this mobbing stopped? It's affecting my life tremendously, I have developed a GERD disease from the stress of this job. I'm also nearing my early retirement next year and my feeling is they just want to get rid of me and built a case against me for poor job performance.

So that you know, my current boss had prior DUI charges/was jailed, drug/drinking abuses. I know this from a good source -- who had confided with me all my boss' dark secrets. While most of the people in the company knew of my boss' past scandals from his drinking stupor at our company parties, this is really nothing new.

I'm seeking emotional support right now.

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