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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Twins Bullying Story

by Rollin
(Hudson, OH)

In our area, middle school is between 5th and 8th grade. There's a problem right there. Middle School is all about socialization. If you are different, you will have problems.

At this point the girls are 10 years old. In the first weeks at the school, kids started harrassing name removed (unbeknownst to us). Kids were writing on the girl's bathroom wall that "name removed was a whore and other derogative comments." They were both starting to get shoved in the hallways, isolated and aggressively insulted in the cafeteria, bumped into lockers, snickering and whispering in the hallways and belittled in the classrooms for the general population classes as well as the resource room small room classes. Although they were both also harrassed on the bus, name removed usually received the brunt of it while (other child) name removed watched on-with great concern and substantial worry.

We received a call from a woman whose child was witnessing the bullying. It was making her very upset.

The mother said that "she wanted to remain anonymous" but that our children , most particularly name removed, were "Targets". Apparently this was a common term that we had never heard of before.

We started our IEP (Individualized Education Programs) meetings in October. The meetings included Teachers, School Psychologist, Intervention Specialist, The Head of the Special Ed program and The Assistant Principal and the parents. Usually there are 2-3 meetings a year. WE REVEALED OUR GRAVE CONCERN RIGHT FROM THE START OF THAT SCHOOL YEAR.

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