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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Unique Workplace Bullying At Small Restaurant

by Hannah
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

I had worked in a small restaurant for nearly two years and at the end of my employment there I had been bullied so badly I wished I was dead. Nobody seriously gave a shit what happened to me including all of those at the workplace who I thought were my closest friends.

I ended up going out with a few of them. I was having a good night. Suddenly as the nightmare went on I noticed everyone acting different towards me started giving me ugly looks from practically everyone I was there with.

The next day went into work and was soon bullied by everyone I thought I knew to be my friend was not. I could hear everyone talking behind my back and passive aggressively attacking me for my body type. Calling me names making fun of me behind my back every single day.

I wanted to kill myself while I was there and didn’t have one friend that I could trust accept for my own mother. I felt worthless to the world. Everywhere I went I felt dead like I didn’t mean anything to anybody.

Turned out my "friends" from work put a video of me and my ex on the internet and everyone was staring at me laughing at me behind my back. It was so bad I ended up getting fired because nobody wanted to work with me because I would get so sick of the bullying and bulls*** and get angry but I would not stick up for myself. And when I actually did stick up for myself told my boss I was called mental crazy.

Everyone didn’t care I was having a mental breakdown and nobody cared. If it wasn’t for my young son I needed to be there for I probably would not be here today. The one person you can’t let down is your kids.

Since I got fired haven’t been able to find a job period and I still hear people talking bad about me or I just feel that way now. Bullying has ruined my memory and way of thinking. I am so damaged I trust nobody... I am still here. Talk to your kids...

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