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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Victimized Twice

My son is on water polo team at his high school. He has special needs and was punched in front of his team mates by a senior on the team. I am so proud that my son spoke up and told the principle. The boy was suspended from school and terminated from water polo for the rest of the year.

Over the last few days parents have been cyber bullying us and sending horrible emails out to team parents and students. The SMMUSD has now overturned their decision to keep the bully off the team and he is back on the team.

My son is afraid and had been defriended by kids and parents are turning their heads to us. We are being bullied by parents and now the school district. We are devastated... not to mention my son who already had social issues.

The fallout has been horrible. What do we do?

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by: Dan

I am sorry to hear what happened to your son, and can relate to the problem with the parents and the school. Our daughter attended South High School in Torrance, CA and had to switch schools mid year last semester because of bullying. The school only made the problem worse. Our daughter was bullied online then attacked by a soccer teammate on school grounds during lunch. Afterwards, the soccer coach actually took a player and team parent vote on who he should kick off the team, and kicked our daughter off even after we were told that she would not be kicked off. The other girl was kicked off and at the end of the year, the coach was told to not let her attend the year-end banquet. When she showed up, he let her attend and also sit right across from our daughter, which made her so upset she had to leave. When he eventually tried to cancel the banquet because of our objection to the other girl being there, the other parents got in my face and twice actually tried to hit me.

We raised these issues with the District's Superintendent and Board of Education, who ruled after the formal process was complete that the school had done nothing wrong.

We have learned that since schools won't take any action, the only avenue you have is to try to get media attention... local paper, radio, something. In your case as in ours, the parents are much of the problem which makes it even more difficult.

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