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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Wall Street Analyst

by Brilliant Lady
(New York, New York)

I have done exceptional work all year for my new company. I'm the first one in every morning, I work hard, in a year I've never taken a sick day, and I am passionate about my work. I thought everything was going great and I was impressing my new boss, but in November, just before bonus season, he wrote me up for ridiculous things. The warning letter made me sound incompetent, which I am anything but. He held a team meeting just for me so he could go over the ABCs of his process. He talked AT me for an hour, everyone wanted to go home, and it was humiliating. He is 5' 3" and has a Napoleon complex. I tower over him, especially in heels. He forbids me from wearing suit jackets to make me look more like the secretaries so I wear only professional dresses. He is the classic bully. He targeted me because I am the only woman on the team and he is intimidated by me.

It has now progressed to his subordinates bullying me though I'm tape recording everything they say. Once I am gone, my boss will move on to bullying someone else. I'm trying to hang onto my job until I can get my bonus at the end of January but I'm afraid my boss is going to find a way to can me before then.

Wish me luck in collecting my well-deserved bonus, and hang in there to everyone on this site. You're fantastic! It's dog eat dog out there so keep your chin up and know that you are not alone.

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