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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Want To Stop Bullying Forever? READ

by Lizzy NJ

Want to stop the bully forever?


God, that unseen Spirit and creator made man with a free will, the bully and nasty sort, and I do mean the deliberately nasty; not a 'slip' of non thinking once in a while when feeling pressured by life circumstances themselves...

Those who are definite antagonizers to our good that is in us... and do try to intimidate with all types of psychological manipulation to get us to do something against our better judgment or taunt us cruelly of what is beyond our control (our looks, our speech, our physical attributes; of a limp or a twitch, or a wry (excuse spelling) neck, or some physical disformity we can't help....Those who would be that cruel...IT IS THEIR FREE WILL TO BE SUCH (which they will have to own up to someday 'in the Light'

It is our free will TO WALK AWAY...that's all, just walk away 'in peace' and the God will uphold your decision. God will provide the grace to do it also...by the good lives we have lived. By our good lives, and prudence living it, we can move to a better neighborhood, we can go to a better job because we have a skill to offer, we can work for our own selves, WE CAN DO ANYTHING because THE TRUTH (incarnate God) lives within and helps us to have A GOOD LIFE.

We don't have to 'take it' (He took all that ANGER to hImself; and set us free)

and that's it... Anton...If you'll keep this reply right on the home page; and folks BELIEVE IT...you may have to shut the site down for lack of stories ...


To those who understand...nothing more needs to be said.

Being Bullied at Work? What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for Want To Stop Bullying Forever? READ

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I completely agree.
by: Anonymous

I could not agree more. I did not agree early on when I first experienced this only because I didn't understand it. However, I found a wonderful website and it says that our minds are a battlefield for God and for satan. Sure, a lot of people might roll their eyes but it's true. It's when you realize spiritual awakening that you realize the "source" of all problems comes from satan who works through people, thus bullying. It also talks about counselors and it says the Christian way to solve problems is to control your thoughts. Each step leads you to where you need to go. First, you learn about bullying and then you are led by the Holy Spirit to a Christian website and it resonated with me more than anything else. God works for the good of all. It's all about spiritual awakening and how satan works through others to get to you. So, learn about bullying here and then see what the Bible says on bullying. You will be amazed. Put God first and you'll never be last. God bless all.

by: Anonymous

My boss claims to be a Christian. It saddens and shocks me at times to hear the nasty things he says on his phone to his 'buddies.' He encourages (which is a polite way of phrasing it) us to work off the clock in order to make his numbers look good. He plays coworkers off of each other, telling one person one thing and the other another. He hires family members of his female assistant, a woman who for some reason felt the need to time the amount of time that I was in his office and then went around pointing it out to others. I have 22 years invested in the company and a mortgage to pay. So, I do my job and try to unplug after work. God never said life would be easy.

by: Liz NJ

Just read this comment ... so pardon the delay from when written.

Your "Christian" boss is first 'human' ... and 'straddling the fence' right now between what he should be about and what he thinks he needs to do to 'protect' his lifestyle (the house, car, family he supports perhaps?) He's intellectually a Christian ...but it hasn't fully gone 'down deep' to SOUL understanding.

He may well indeed see nothing wrong in what he does...it is 'just business' (and perhaps his boss is telling him to do the things he does...unless he is the owner of the firm)

So...if you don't like working for him, LEAVE. (find a new job first, of course, if possible) If you have a spouse who supports you...maybe just to give notice and leave will work. Pray for this Christian...he is still immature of faith understanding... but look for SOME GOOD that he is about...then do the Christian thing yourself and 'ask God' (this is trust in God who knows all and sees all) ASK GOD to show this man mercy to 'see and hear himself' and CHANGE (repent)

That's all you need to do. Either leave and go somewhere else or stay and work in good way... and 'offer up' your good for the sake of your boss ...asking God to show your boss mercy by showing him 'what he is doing'

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