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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Wanted To Share My Story

by Anonymous

I just wanted to share my story. This happened through 3rd up to highschool. I went to Catholic school and was bullied all my life. First, I use to attend public school and there I was made fun of because I was shy. I had one friend but most people left me alone because of the rumor that I was 'infected with a disease.'

The WORSE bullies I had, were the kids who were children of the staff. They were teacher's kids and they would constantly pick on me for any reason. I remember I was the only brunet in school and I was made fun of for my hair. Also, my skin and for being different. I was made fun of for being skinny, short, tanned, anything.

They'd throw stuff at me in the cafeteria IN FRONT OF TEACHERS. I'd tell them that they were being mean to me but I was always told 'they were just kidding." These were adults, by the way, who just looked the other way.

I then moved to private school and from 3rd to 5th grade was my worst years of bullying. I had four friends and we were close. During this time my parents were getting a divorce and my biological father was accused of molesting children, also me. He was able to get away with it because he was a cop and it got around. My friends knew and helped me through it.

It wasn't till one friend became popular that she started to be mean to us. I didn't care and it annoyed her so she started spreading rumors and told everyone that my father molested children. I was made fun of because of it. My friends started to believe the rumors and became self conscious being around me. So they ignored me. Eventually I was isolated and made fun of. My friends became friends with the bullies.

A few teachers saw this and did try to put a stop to it but was told by the principal that, 'they're just kids.' I recall her yelling that I showed signs of sexual abuse and needed help and the staff needed to stop this bullying. She was fired and I haven't seen her since. They also knew who I was and had hatred for 'my kind.' I was considered someone who 'could not be saved from the pits of hell.' It may sound like bashing but it was just the student's parents who were teachers that singled me out.

I did get very depressed and wanted to commit suicide. I won't say how but I did attempt and it didn't work. My mom knew. She worked hard to get enough money so we could find a new home. When we lived with him, I'd stay home because he'd beat me and my face would be bruised. Eventually he kicked us on the street. I hated my mom being sad but I grew to realize that she was trying her best. I didn't talk to any of the teachers of my problems because they already knew and didn't care.

I didn't cover my face with makeup to hide my face because I kept it buried in a book. I did go to confession and said that I attempted suicide. He asked why and I told him. He said, "so you're so and so's daughter. Well, then I don't see why you didn't die." This was from a priest. He later asked me for forgiveness and I told him to "go in front of the church and tell them what you did to me and I'll forgive you." He didn't. Was I wrong to make such a request? =(*

I went to a new school and was mostly ignored because other students had friends that attended my previous Catholic school. So I just learnt to ignore them but was still made fun of. I did try to make friends but a nudge from another student and a whisper was enough to get a sneer and cold shoulder from them. I hated lunch so I hung out in the library reading, even though I hated to read.

When graduating 8th grade, I was not allowed to attend the ceremony for "non academic reasons." We complained to the archdiocese about it but our complaint was ignored but I knew the reason, My 'father' getting away with what he did.

In high school, bullying was being put to a stop. They had cameras all over campus. The rumor about me still followed. I sat alone and or hung out in the library. There the cheerleaders persuaded the football team to try to jump me after school. I was told by another student who overheard them. He would later die at age 26 from bone cancer. I did talk to him after high school and I considered him a friend. When they saw me at the funeral they looked down at me. I told the mother my story and what he did and she smiled and said, 'he's a good boy.' I said 'those people who did this to me are here.'

A football player asked me if he could talk to me in private during lunch. He said he liked me but I ignored him and he kept bugging me. I made an excuse to call my parents and told them. They called the cops and I was hated for that because they pulled the bullies in the office and were questioned with the cops there. They also had notes they had written. They also viewed videos on camera and they saw that a group of football players were waiting behind the school. This was enough evidence. So I was well hated when the best football player had to sit out for a game. I was the reason they lost the season.

Because of this I was bullied by parents because I got their babies in trouble. I was always called out in class and if I failed a test, they show my grade to the students who laughed and called me 'retarded' out loud. Since seniors were able to drive, they'd try to run over me with the cars. Again the cameras caught this. The brothers of the cheerleaders started to threaten me because I got them in trouble. One threatened rape and he was expelled.

I was still bullied for being 'anorexic' and 'snobbish.' I didn't care but I guess I started a backlash because more people were stepping up to bullying. It wasn't till these school shootings I was singled out. Everyone thought I was a ticking time bomb and the teachers pushed for my expulsion from school since they believed I was a threat.

It was ignored when we got a lawyer involved because the people accusing me were the bullies wanting revenge. We had a few school announcements about bullying and they were tired of cops being involved and it needed to be stopped. I was SO hated. What they did to me still followed me and I have just started to get over it at a late of 20.

It was sad how the parents were promoting the bullying.

I just wanted to share my story. In a way I'm glad, I can tell when people are trying to use me and I can see the signs that a man is an abusive man. Sadly on a job interview, I qualified and I saw one of my bullies who told them not to hire me because "I cause problems." Guess they never grow up. So its followed me to my adulthood.

I just wanted to share my story about my problem. What about me now, I still attend school and live on a small island off the mainland teaching surfing to kids. Lame happy ending I know.

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Just Wondering.
by: Sarah Fraser

Would you mind if I turned your story into another story? As in a book? Of course, it wouldn't be much, and I would never get it published unless finished with permission first (that is if possible). If it's alright with you, then I'll go ahead, if not, either way, please message back!
You can email me here: sarahfraser2011@hotmail.com

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