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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Well You Chose To Have Him So...

by moll

I am a teacher. I have been for 15 years. I have worked in many places and have a lot of experience. I finally get to work alongside a close coworker of mine this year. I was excited.

Then enter the new girl, 22 and thinks she knows it all. This is her first teaching job and she likes to tell me how to do things. I have a child and cannot stay super late at work. She and my friend bonded during this time. It started small, an add on Facebook (I was not included) to small meetings where I was not included. I brought it up and was brushed off.

Then came the day that she bought a shirt for my friend and her to wear together at school, not me. I ignored it until she announced at lunchtime that she still had more to give away effectively leaving me out.

After that it was texts that I was not a part of and finally planning. They were planning and when I asked why I was not included she brushed it off again, seemingly enjoying my hurt feelings. I tried to take the high road saying I understand because I cannot stay after because of my child, her response "Well you chose to have him so..." End game.

I am hurt and frustrated and no longer close with my friend. Suggestions?

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not a friend
by: Anonymous

it hard to deal with this type of person. I think she is looking at how you react by not including you. what kind of person is a teacher and than makes a cruel comment about you being a good mother. I feel sorry for a child that ends up having someone like her for a mother.

by: Anonymous

The young teacher that you have described sounds very immature. The classic signs of interpersonal bullying are there; forming cliques, then using overt 'friendship' as way of excluding others. They are often in cahoots with another person.
Don't worry so much, and try to rise above this silly behaviour. Maintain a professional manner.

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