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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

What Should I Do?

by Janice
(Ontario, Canada)

My child has always been really good friends with a girl who has been picked on, but recently she moved away. Now, my child is the target. All the kids in her class formed little groups and they would exclude her from EVERYTHING. In December, she finally was accepted into a group of nice girls or so I thought and they all planed to give each other Christmas presents. So, my daughter and I went out and bought really nice gifts for each of them. On the day of the exchange, my daughter gave them their gifts but each of them said that they forgot their gifts. Later, my daughter heard them talking behind her backs and laughing at her for actually thinking they would give her gifts. In January, my daughter was receiving hate emails from each of them saying:

"Would you like to come to my house tonight? Well don't because nobody wants you there. We dont like you. Everyone hates you. Your so f***ing ugly!"

And it has been going on up to this point! My daughter's self esteem has decreased so much, that she barely ever says anything because she thinks they are going to put her down even more. So I told my daughter to start hanging out with the guys in her class. That was a mistake, because the boys were mean to her too. They found out her locker combination and stole her stuff and ruined it! Not to mention, they hid her lock in a urinal and threw her binder in the garbage and poured yogurt and other liquids on it! So I went straight to the principal to tell her about the bullying that has been happening. I was infuriated to find out a week later nothing had been done! The level of disrespect shown from each student is overwhelming! What can I do to help my child?

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What Should I do?
by: Anonymous

It breaks my heart when I hear of children being bullied like your daughter is. It must be stopped. It can damage her psyche for life. I had an older brother who bullied me all my growing up years but in those days, it was passed off by my parents as "boys will be boys". It took years of therapy to pull me out of that tangled mess of my life.

I wish I had the means to make a movie that portrays adult bullying geared towards comprehension by a young audience. Children must be educated to see the damage that is done even after we are adults. If we don't educate the children to stop the bullying, we are going to lose an entire generation to insanity, I am sure. It seems to be rampant in young people.

These days I am referring all my bullied fiends to a new book I just discovered on the shelf: How to Solve Your People Problems -- Practical Help for Relationships by Dr. Alan Godwin, published by Harvest House Publishers. He does not use the word "bully" but rather, "Unreasonable People."

I feel that anyone who has been a target will find something they can adapt from this book.

I hope you can find solace for your daughter. I will be thinking of you.

Take a Stand
by: Solange

Call each child's parents.
Go to the Superintendent of Schools.
Write a letter to the newspaper.
Home school your child (maybe not something you could do.)
Insist on placement in another school.
Get support and counseling... your child's wellbeing is worth every effort you make.
Finally, picture all the bullies in their underwear and laugh. At least you will feel better.

F*** manners
by: nutty girl

personally, I would recommend raising hell. your daughter is in deep pain, and the only way you can help her is to make her see that what was being done to her was WRONG! sometimes kids can recognise this for themselves, (I did) but those kids are few and far-between.
ask her what she wants to happen to these people, and if she can't bear to tell you put a keyboard in front of her. I swear, a computer is the greatest invention ever. ever been insulted by microsoft word? didn't think so.
make sure those kids are punished, if not by the school by the community. go to the coaches and religious leaders. go to the mothers of their friends. tell the world and make them sorry, and make sure your daughter sees how the world reacts to this story. she needs to know she's not alone.

Solve e
by: Anonymous

The superentendant should be contacted. Make them aware that you can report this as vandalism of your belongings. Also mention how the principal didn't take any action in your complaint. Stealing is also part of this situation. The parents of ALL children need to be contacted.

by: Anonymous

i reckon u should pull her out of tht school and take the matter to higher authorities

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