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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Why Do You Have To Bully Me?

by Kiki Headd

Kiki's Bullied Guide

1. Never show fear to anyone. It just makes them take advantage of it.

2. NEVER cry over it. It just makes them seem like they're in control.

3. If it is over your appearance, just let it go... let them tease you over it... they're just jealous over you.

4. Some bullies act that way because some bullies are looking for attention. They might think bullying is a way to be popular or to get what they want.

5. Pretend you don't hear them and walk away quickly to a place of safety. Bullies want a big reaction to their teasing and meanness.


Comments for Why Do You Have To Bully Me?

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by: Anonymous

Excellent in theory... difficult in practice.

by: N BC

i really like this way of handling bully. i think it is one of the best ways to maintain your dignity as well. i myself would like to use this method.

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