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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Why I Don't Believe In God And The American Educational System

by -Anonymous-
(Finland Helsinki )

The first time I was bullied, was in elementary school. I was bullied because I was overweight and not very athletic, because I have difficulties losing weight.

Next by the time I was in middle school I was an atheist, because I found it difficult to believe the story's and I was bullied at church and I was starting to struggle with Christianity. Because I highly respect homosexuals and female rights, I also was HIGHLY scientifically smart. This also brings up another topic I was horrible at math... another reason I was bullied.

When I was in middle school I had social anxiety (which I still have even now) and agliophobia (the fear of pain). I got this fear from almost drowning earlier in my life AND inner rage issues from almost drowning so I was always unhappy and I absolutely could NOT find joy in my life, also from my inner rage issues I would often picture people like my bullies and teachers just being eviscerated.

MANY people bullied me just for being an atheist and I didn't have any real friends except for 3 people. 2 of them where in middle school with me, the other was my best friend that I met in preschool. Anyway back to the topic I was often too afraid to hit or speak up against my bullies, and this lead to low self esteem so I'd often cry A LOT and because of this I was bullied even more.

I've tried suicide three times. First: I tried to hang myself but failed putting me into depression

Second: I tried to hanging myself a second time a few months later and ALMOST succeeded

Third: A year later in eight grade I tried to slit my wrist with my pocket knife and almost bled to death in the hospital...

Now to part why I hate the American "Educational" System.

They don't actually teach you anything about society. They're just like "Here's a test make sure not to write outside of the bubble A B C D and E or on the scantron." They don't teach you that "homosexuality is NOT a bad thing" and etc. A another DUMB thing is that every time an atheist or a agnostic puts up a poster Christians play the "victim card." Where they're apparently the "victim" when really the atheist and agnostics are the victims. And public bulling of atheist (Fox news for an example, here's a quote "I'm tired of them atheist!") P.S If you watch the Fox "news" for "news" your being lied too.

LINKS FOR ANXIETY'S AND PHOBIAS I LISTED: http://healthmad.com/mental-health/dealing-with-inner-rage/



VIDEO LINKS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toEHs9aKF5w

QUOTES: http://truth-saves.com/famous-freethinker-quotes

ATHEIST YOUTUBERS (The good ones) : https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRepzion?feature=watch



NOTES: Please excuse my grammar and spelling because it has been a while since I've been to america and I speak and write mostly Finnish or Swedish now.

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Moving Past Ignorance
by: Anton

Bullying during childhood can dramatically impact how you develop and your relationships with people going forward, even into adulthood. It may be easier said than done when you are a child and it is happening to you, but I would caution against responding in an emotional way (like crying or becoming visibly upset or angry) as this is like crack to bullies and only fuels them on as they see the effect they have on you—and the power they have over you.

Don't get me started on religion or Fox "News" for that matter. Once indoctrinated by religion and mentally stunted by the schools they are primed to become loyal Faux News viewers.

Once entrenched in this mindset it is easy for them to be led by fear, anger and a sense of self-righteousness that justifies their vilification of anyone that doesn't think or believe the same way they do. This veil of ignorance can be difficult to penetrate and can be dangerous when taken to the extremes this mentality can foster.

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