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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Why The School Dont Do Their Job

by Autumn Thrash
(Philadelphia Juniata)

Hi my name is Autumn and I'm just sick of my daughter's school. No one there will help. My daughter was in class when one of the girls in her class told my daughter she wanted to fight her cause she didn't like her. When my child told this girl she wouldn't fight her she called her the b word and slapped her in the face.

The next day it started again, but this time she spit in my child's face. I went to the school. They said my child was lying. When I started yelling and screaming about it they kicked my kids out for 5 days and the other little girl is still in school in no trouble at all. What else can I do? If you know anything or anybody that can help me please let me know I just don't know what to do about it.

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One possible solution
by: Trinity

Hi, knowing your children are being bullied at school is very stressful and causes an emotive situation. We don't yell and scream though because this reflects directly on our children. As you have experienced: people use your behaviour against your children. Not judging you, there have been many times I'd like to rip the head off a teacher and crap down her neck, but it wouldn't help my child. Try the 'mild mannered twit' tack, teachers respond to this very well because they are mild mannered twits themselves. I remember when my mother was confronted at her door with a man and his boy,the boy had black eyes and a split lip caused by my brother. My brother never did that again. Perhaps you could take your child to the home of the child who has been behaving badly and discuss your concerns, in a mild mannered twitty way so that they can't use anything against you or your children. Take a witness though, mild mannered twits are very good at making things up and being believed.

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