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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Widow Wants To Publish Story Of Husband's Betrayal By Boss

by Sharon Roberts
(Portland, Indiana)

My husband worked in a small town grocery store managed and built the meat department to a huge success in less than two years. Became best of friends with the owner. Spent lots of time with his boss and really considered him a friend. My husband made his boss's grocery store a $40,000.00 a week grocery store to a $120,000.00 grocery store. His boss was able to vacation, take time off, enjoy life, build a $650,000 dollar home, have a lake home, have every man's dream for having every toy a man could want. (motorcycle, sports cars, jet ski's, boats,) He had it all. His boss could always go away and know that my husband would manage his store and he never had to worry.

Well when I came into my husband's life he chose not to keep up this job and was thinking about giving it up. My husband had some issues with one of the employees in the meat department and wanted the owner to get rid of her years ago... she was nothing but trouble. The owner said I can not get rid of her she's old money (not sure what that meant) but anyway he never got rid of her. One day my husband and her got into it and he decided to go over to his boss's house and let him know the situation. His boss (friend) took the other employee's side. My husband got very upset and said fine I quit!!!

WOW how this continues will blow you away. I have written a book about all that had happened but we sent it to our publisher and my husband was diagnosed with liver cancer so we had no money to have this published. All I can say is our publisher is just waiting for the funds to come their way because they said this would be a best seller.

My husband has recently passed away and his dying wish was to do whatever it took to get this book published.

The really sad part of this story is about three weeks before my husband passed I asked him... fighting this 3 1/2 year tough battle with cancer or fighting your ex-employer/ so called friend for seven years... Which was harder... and with tear filled eyes he said the battle with his ex-employer/so called friend.

How this saddens me and not only did my husband go through these horrible battles… I did to.
My question to you is, Would you like to hear the rest of the story and is there anyone out there that can help me financially get this published? With all of my husbands hospital bills, and everything else we had to battle there was very little money left for me so if you know of anyone who could help PLEASE e-mail me.

Have a Blessed day and hoping you can help a widow in need.

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