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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Will This Ever Be OK?

by Char

I am writing this because I am a Mom who made a very big mistake with her daughter when she was being bullied in elementary school. She is now 21 and is still feeling the affects of our mistake. She is a very unhappy, depressed, and has no self-esteem. This happened from age 6-12. I had no understanding of the long term effect it would have for all of us.

She is seeing a therapist but I am very worried that she will always blame us for not protecting her. I am very concerned that we will never get passed this and I want her to know that we do care and want to help. I have told her we are sorry but her response is she doesn't care what we have to say we didn't protect her and take her out of that school. This has effected our whole family, she has felt like an outcast all of her life, no one knew the hell she was going through just that she was this nasty girl that no one wanted to be around.

I am willing to take any advice you have to help her, she deserves to be happy, confident and feel she is wanted and needed by people that love her. I want her to know and feel this. I will not give up on her no matter what.


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Bullied for Forty Years
by: Kansas Lady

I understand only too well how your daughter feels when you did not stand up and protect her from the bullying. It is a terrible shame but for years, no one in our society even understood bullying. Even today, when someone verbally attacks me in this small town where I have been a target for years because I am creative and "think outside the box," the cop at City Hall said just this week, "What did you do to make him to it to you?"...it is never the fault of the bully, as in this case when a young punk threatened me and I was scared and ran for help. I didn't get any help except a "complaint form" to fill out, which is NEVER acted upon by this cop.
I agree that we must stand up and start protecting the victims. Most people are not capable of discerning why a person is made a victim by these unbalanced tyrants who rule our lives so the few of us who do have perception, have a real challenge ahead. But we must find courage to protect or bullying will never subside in our society.

I get it
by: Jax

I was bullied as a child for most of grade school by the same twin sisters and their friends. I now understand that my parents were doing the best they could at the time. They just did not know what to do, how to handle it. I hope your daughter will come to understand your decisions, actions / in-actions. My son is currently being bullied and we are trying hard not to repeat the same mistakes my parents made. I am constantly questioning my decisions and worried about him. He is going to a therapist to help him and I also see the same therapist 1 / week to better understand how to support him. It has also been reassuring to me and a safe place to examine all of the emotions that have come back as I go through this with my son. Something to consider for yourself.

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