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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

With Workplace Mobbing, Why Does Management Get Rid Of The Victims Instead Of Those Toxic Psychopaths?

by Strongwoman

Hello everyone, I was also a mobbing victim, mainly because I am an individualist and I do not need to be accepted by a group at all cost. I want to do my job without disturbing anybody, help others if they need it and that's it. But this is too much for some people.

I do not like to gossip along with the group just because they expect me to join them, nor do I want to hate or isolate innocent people just because the group in power expects me to do so.

That way I became the scapegoat. But I am not going to describe my story here, all I want to know is why management does so little about those toxic people?

I reported those issues, I showed them evidence—they wouldn't listen to me. They swept it under the carpet and later on they (management, HR) started to turn roles and blame me for everything!

The funny thing is that the bullying group badmouthed not only me but other coworkers and even the management itself! So the manager and team leader were their victims in a way. I told that to the manager herself that she was being criticised and gossiped about, but she didn't even want to listen.

Only after I left the company my team leader said that "no mtter what you would do, they would always blame you for everything"; similarly the HR told me "they made a scapegoat of you".

They admitted it only after I quit the job but before that they bleached the mobbers and said I need to change my behaviour; there is something wrong with me that so many people are against me. Can you imagine that? Why all those lies? Hypocrisy.

Shortly after my leaving, my colleagues told me that the mobbers found a new victim—the new girl, and that the atmosphere is as bad as it was when I was there, nothing changed.

My question is—why does management get rid of the victims instead of those toxic psychopaths? This way they will never fix the problem and new people will be victimized. It's as if the management feared their own subordinates. That's ridiculous!

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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for With Workplace Mobbing, Why Does Management Get Rid Of The Victims Instead Of Those Toxic Psychopaths?

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Because they are guilty themselves
by: Anonymous

Management will not do anything about bullies who gossip maliciously, put others down to make themselves look better, blame their designated scapegoat(s), and constantly complain about situations which are not to their liking, because most managers are guilty of the same behavior; that's how they got to be managers, by pushing their contemporaries aside and stepping on their subordinates on their way up the ladder. I used to think managers were leaders, role models, someone you could look up to... but I found out they are just people with their own scruples, and actually a good number of them are narcissists, or even sociopaths or psychopaths. I got fired after 29 years at the same company, for not trying to fit in with the group of co-workers who gossiped, goofed off, played on their phones, laughed at others' pain, and just generally did not give a damn about the work at hand. Yeah, go figure. I'm sure they found another person to pick on after I was gone, but thank God it is not me anymore. I doubt it will ever stop, no matter what rules or laws are put into place, as I believe it is human nature for people to follow the leaders who are the best convincing, lying, two-faced, stab-you-in-the-back actors. Just my experience, sorry to say.

by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, HR is there purely to enable Management to do whatever they like without legal repercussions. They will 99% of the time fire the bullying victim because they know that most people don't have the finances to sue them and because it's easier to get rid of the 'squeaky wheel'.

by: Anonymous

HR will ALWAYS protect a company's interests. HR are the police of the organization. My experience working within HR of multi-national Fortune 500 Companies has been eye opening. NEVER go to HR with ANY contentious issue. NEVER!!!

Spend your time and energy looking for new employment opportunities and salvage any references you may have within the organization. HR will

SAVE ALL EMAILS that contains any evidence, accolades, promotions, emails from the bully or the mob that are controversial in nature...SAVE ALL EMAILS ON A FOB that you keep on your person. RECORD, RECORD, RECORD EVERYTHING!!! Always have your cell phone already record when you’re in the company of the bully or the mob!! If nothing happens after they leave then delete it, but always be ready for them!!! Take home any proof, recordings, emails etc at the end of EVERY DAY and save it in a safe place where it will not be lost or deleted.

DO NOT ENGAGE with the bully or the mob. Make yourself scarce while your looking for your next opportunity. Smile and walk away knowing you’re going to be it of there soon! Have your resume ready at all times!! Save any examples of your work projects, so you can use them for your resume portfolio. You can file legal action or make human rights complaint etc. after you are gone.

Even if you have to take a lower position or lower paying job to get out of the toxic workplace, at least you will have a new job, a reference and SOME income to get by on for the interim. DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO WORK NEXT!! Don’t publicize it on social media...LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. DO NOT EVER SHARE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH ANYONE YOU WORK WITH. EVER!!! DO NOT ENGAGE IN COMPANY GOSSIP!! Even someone you trust and whom you consider a work friend. It’s usually the people closest to you that will turn on you to join the mob or lead the bullying!! They don’t want to be left behind and the next receiving end of workplace bullying and mobbing.

The second you have an adverse life issue...health issues, divorce, sick child, financial issues etc. THEY WILL COME FOR YOU!!! It’s built in innate survival mechanisms that kick in for the bully or the mob, the second you show ANY WEAKNESS!!!

Always go to work with a "Life is beautiful" attitude, even when it’s far from it!!

Be proactive by building your professional network. Stay in touch with good employees when they leave your place of employment. Read and stay current in you area of employment. Volunteer with people who work in the same industry. This keeps doors open or you so you can find alternative employment quickly, if you have built a solid professional network.

Find other income streams as well. This positions you to save money and build an "Emergency Fund", to alleviate financial dependence on any one organization, and will provide options when you need them most!!

Most of this advice comes from hindsight. I was the target of a bully, my boss...a Director and 26-year employee of the company and my colleagues whom I thought were my friend or at least trustworthy! It DESTROYED my life!! My professional career, financial stability, reputation, my mental health, prevented me for financially helping my kids attend university...the list of damages is endless!!! I am STILL 6+ years later fighting a legal battle, suffering with PTSD and unable medically work.

by: Anonymous

It was only after I had left that I realized I was mobbed. I told my manager that one person was telling me to do things against the books. We worked with clients and I found this person's behaviour unethical. I went to the line manager for his advice. Later I found out that while he was pretending to help me, he was building a case against me. In the end, management and some of my team joined in the mobbing (others simply stayed out of it). They pretended to be nice to me, but would randomly send emails saying I did something wrong (when I did not), creating a false paper trail. They would sabotage my work on the weekends when it was due on Monday. They made up lies about me and slandered me.

One of the things that mobbing can do is to make you distrust people - but don't let them change you. Be more cautious, but trust that outside the micro-cosmos, there are people who will support you when you perform well, not try to protect themselves by pulling you down! Always tell your story, and don't let them silence you. It happens more often than you think, but a lot of people don't talk about it. Maybe you can't tell your new employer, but tell a therapist, your friends, your pastor, etc. Don't let them shame you into silence. In the big world, no one cares what they say, so don't let the experience limit you (don't stop applying to certain jobs, don't make yourself smaller than before, don't limit opportunities that you wouldn't have before).

I work in a field that is not that subjective and most of the time there is correct/incorrect. I realized that the more I stand up for myself, and for what is right, the more psychologically violent they would become. They made up blatant lies in the end, about things that can be proven wrong. I left to salvage my health and reputation. I got legal advice, but I decided against suing. After a month of therapy, reading a lot of books about mobbing and praying/reading the Bible, I got better. I believe God is faithful and is fighting my battles.

I sent out my CVs, and God blessed me with several prestigious freelance projects! I also got some other clients (for whom I haven't had time to do work yet). One of the things that mobbing/bullying does to you is that you think your reputation will be damaged forever and that everyone will believe them over you because of the "outrageousness" of the lies and because they have (or had) power. But believe in yourself. Don't do anything permanent to solve a temporary issue (suicide). God is powerful and in control, not your ex-employer. God can create opportunities out of thin air.

One thing I also learned, after spending a bit on legal fees, is that it's better to fight "forward" and not fight them. Also, don't spend any more time or money on them. Rather, focus on building a new reputation.

I have multiple clients now, who can all testify to my professionalism and competence. I still wake up scared that they would launch another assault, but believe that the truth will always be uncovered (just watch those investigative documentaries - even powerful dictators are pulled down in the end). As for revenge, God will deal with them. Fight back by becoming stronger, bigger, kinder, better - which you already were and that is why they targeted you.

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