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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Workplace Bullied in NH Resulting in Severe PTSD

by Ming Brookside

I worked in the Educational Field, (High School) for 6 years. My supervisor would scream and undermine many of us. Initially reporting to her supervisor, my boss would back off. Eventually, her supervisor chose to ignore our complaints. I met with the principal of the school suggesting a simple solution of continuing to take assignments from my supervisor, yet requesting to report to someone different for any complaints. This was met with screaming, harassment, intimidation and bullying from the principal towards me - a virtual witch hunt! (I could certainly understand if I had any complaints, grievances, notices towards me BUT in fact all of my yearly evaluations were Exemplary with a cupla of Proficents, (below Exemplary). No complaints of any kind!

The witch-hunt continued, the principal involving more and more people on his side - mobbing.

This resulted in me being diagnosed with PTSD and placed on FMLA leave. Eventually, hiring an attorney and with a psychiatrist's 'okay', the school district transferred me to a different school. I lasted at this new school position for a week blowing out in full physical and psychological symptoms of PTSD. I had no choice but to leave.

I am on SSDI now because of the PTSD I am suffering from being Workplace Bullied.

I wish, for any of you from NH to go to Ming Brookside f/b. I will accept you once hearing a bit about your story. I will then accept you on my secure 'closed' site that I have created, "NH Bully Free Workplace." At this site my primary thrust is to gain signatures and rally together to Pass THE HEALTHY WORKPLACE BILL, in NH! I realize it may be an uphill battle, BUT, WE NEED TO BE HEARD! Thank You. I look forward to your 'friend' requests!

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