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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Workplace Bully Engages In Sabotage

by Melanie
(Ireland )

Hi, I have worked in my firm for 22 years, and in the last 3 years moved to a different part. I really like the job, I work in a very busy area with one other person and we are fine. I unfortunately have to use equipment in the main office downstairs as our boss won't buy extra copiers, printers, etc. In the three years I have noticed that my print outs in the downstairs office were jamming, destroying my work, all my work leads to these print outs and they are forwarded to main branch and this gets me in bother with main office as my work involves serious accounts.

I used this system in other parts of my firm so I'm experienced and thought it was strange. It causes so much stress and I'm up and down a stairs nearly 30 to 40 times to see if my work has printed. I began to notice that when a particular person was off my work was fine and when they returned they were destroyed again. The other girl I work with noticed this as well. So I began to log and started to ring our computer help area which claimed my name didn't break down the system. A different name showed up. Unfortunately this isn't enough proof as all this person has to say is that they were checking the system out.

Then I started to notice that taxis were being sent off without my work which costs the firm more money to book a 2nd cab. The work being forwarded by cab had a time deadline of 1pm and was traveling 15 mins but the cab was being booked and sent deliberately at 9.45 am. It has to go from main office I can't order it. It was so upsetting as I can't make this time with my workload. This all delays me and puts me under immense pressure. Now I'm starting to make mistakes in my rush. I can't be thorough.

It was hard to catch the person in the act as a lock is on the door and you can hear a person coming into the office but luckily a few weeks ago the door was open and there that person was sabotaging my work right in front of me. They never saw me coming. It took on a whole new meaning to know for sure. I was always wondering. The person was always hoovering around the printer but this was the very first time I got there and saw it done. It gave me a chill. There was only one other person in the room but they said nothing and I just stated why would you do that to my work. I was told they didn't do anything that I was the one ruining it for them. It's true I have a lot of work. How can I help that?

The ironic part is that I am this persons senior not directly just by grade and have worked longer in the firm but not this location. I even offered to print out of hours in my time and I was again told no with no discussion by a junior grade. When I pick a particular time to print it's always plugged out, without paper and I'm told no paper is available. I walked out so upset. Its just like this person is out to get me. I only use the office equipment twice a week. If this person hates me so much considering I don't work directly with them rarely see them other than this when I offered to print out of hours it should have been fine solution.

Its so scary and the person has a direct intention against me and has a scary demeanor. Has made vicious crank calls to the office in general not to anyone and not to me as so called practical jokes. One was caught on answering machine and was terrible. This person even sent his buddy up to my office to slip the words about how he was such a good worker was the only one who helped them. Obviously once he was caught he wanted to let me know he had friends.

I'm very introverted I don't drink and stick to myself. The majority of people in the area are very much into socializing, drinking, smoking, etc. I did try to use the main coffee room but last time I was in there and went to sit at the our main table he told me to sit somewhere else he was leaving. He didn't leave however at all and I had to embarrassingly go and ask people I did not know could I sit with them and when others arrived I was so embarrassed. He just sniggered down at me. This is why I don't go over to the main area and either does the lady I work with. I'm isolated now, I wouldn't mind at all if I had my own independent work area but I don't.

Now I'm stressed, I'm depressed, I feel it's so personal against me and have even developed a tic in my eye its such terror facing the job. My boss won't deal with this person he comes and goes when he chooses and on one occasion stood up in the middle of a work lecture and walked off home 10 minutes before home time. Our boss would pull us up but not a word is said to this person. I'm really afraid, I have to work there and he has friends, it never seems to be the bullies that get blamed. All I'm doing is my work. Then this person laughs and jokes with those he likes while I'm in panic trying so sort someway to do my job without prints.

No one ever helps and its ruining my life and I can't leave. I need the pay cheque. Outside of work I know he did threaten someone. I don't want to go down a route of complaint it won't go well for me. What can I do.

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try to get another job
by: susan

It doesn't sound like you are safe there. Look, you already have a tic in your eye - it sounds like your health is suffering from the stress. You said he has threatened someone - he sounds like a dangerous man who will step up his game. Leave while you can . You sound like a hard worker, intelligent and capable. I know jobs are hard to come by. Start looking - you will be an asset anywhere you go - even if you have to take a cut in pay - it will be worth your health and sanity and safety. I know - i had to quit a job and make a lot less now, but it is worth making do with less - i feel much better and my health is returning.
Trust me - try to get out of there - even the act of trying to seek employment elsewhere will help relieve the stress - you have options - try to explore them . God bless you and help you.

School Bullying
by: jessie tompkins

Subject: RE: School Bullying
Posted By: jessie tompkins
as an employee of the Montgomery Alabama Board of Education, I reported gang bullying and threats against me and other students and nothing was done. Actually the Board voted to fire me after I filed a police report, I further went to the media after the police report went missing. To complicate things, the Alabama Education Association (AEA) the states teacher union quit during my hearing.

You Tube Video 1

You Tube Video 2

You Tube Video 3

by: chris

Tell your boss.
Explain about the printer only jamming when that person is in.
Tell them about the tech people noticing it isn't you who gets the print jams.
Tell them about the taxi/courier being always ordered too early to collect your work.
Next time you are in the canteen, sit wherever you like and if he comments, turn a deaf ear.
He is unlikely to do more than walk away because all is being witnessed.
Keep your phone or a voice recorder ready to switch on in your pocket and record every confrontation .Don't tell him he is being recorded.
Don't be driven away by a bully but listen to everything he says to you and remember that bullies will always use their biggest fear against their victims.
If he points out you don't fit, its because he fears not fitting... If he says you should go find another job, its because he is afraid he wont be able to find one ...every time he opens his mouth, he is telling you about his failings if you listen. Get as much evidence as you can and put it before your superiors, what he is doing is Harassment in the workplace after all.
Be strong and you will prevail.

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