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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Workplace Bullying At Customer Service Job

by Catherine
(United Kingdom)

I have been at my new job for 5 weeks. My first 4 weeks were supposed to be training weeks but I was placed with an individual who clearly didn't want to help me. She swore at me and started to call me to other staff members. This was on my 4th day with the company. I was advised by other staff members to talk to my team leader about it which I did. Wish I hadn't.

I have been cold shouldered ever since. I was told to put it behind me and start my training fresh with someone new the following week. After two weeks training with a new person I felt really good but noticed that my team leader stopped taking interest. She would walk past my desk without comment but make a point of going to everyone else on the team and enquiring on how they were getting on.

I noticed that two people who started around the same time were getting lots of support and encouragement from her. Whenever I asked her anything, her replies were short and she would move on quickly. Whenever she has to speak to me, the look on her face is as though she has a sour taste in her mouth.

I was taken off my training after 2 weeks and placed with a manager away from the rest of the team. The manager is a friend of my team leader and was no help at all.

After 2 days I got a little upset as something cropped up that I hadn't been trained on. Later the same day I was called into a side office with the manager and team leader and basically told that they were moving me out of the team to downstairs. Basically I was being demoted. I was so gutted.

I tried to put my point across that my training had been inconsistent. They said they no longer had the time and resources to train me any further. When I started, I was told no pressure and that they would give me all the time I needed. The two guys who had been training me can't understand it. Both of them had said how well I was doing in progress meetings. I was moved literally the following day.

The team leader keeps coming downstairs all of a sudden and she makes a point of talking to everyone in the room and treating me as though I am invisible. The office manager had a review with me only a couple of weeks ago and said that they were really happy with where I was at. I don't understand it at all.

On Friday the team leader came down and stood behind my chair while she was talking to my new manager. She was swearing and I mean swearing. She glares at me and that is the only eye contact I get. I am on 3 months probation but I don't think they will be keeping me on.

Another colleague said that my face just probably didn't fit because they had done the same to her. It is so horrible. I think I will just look for another job. I don't think there's any excuse for the treatment I am getting.

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