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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Workplace Bullying at Hospital

by Dolores
(New York)

My hospital employer is posting negative comments that patients make on a satisfaction survey. Some of these comments contain the full names of some employees. These comments are opinions of former patients and are not always factual. The employer is posting these negative comments with employees name in the employee lounge for all of our peers to see. It is humiliating and degrading. I think that they should post the comments, but block out the employees name. The employer says there is nothing wrong with it.

Comments Please. Thank you.

Comments for Workplace Bullying at Hospital

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Bullied Out of a Sales Job
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with you, that's private information, and shouldn't be displayed for everyone to see their names.

Also, what if one of the hospital employees' receives a negative comment from a patient and becomes upset with that patient?


Yes... That Is Too Much Information

Dear Delores,

Yes, posting the names of people is not necessary. That will only lead to hostility.

Health care is a serious matter and should be considered for the good of the patients and the
people who work to help us have good health.

I recently had a nurse at my Doctors office make a rude comment to me. I was quite distressed over it. I chose to let it go because I was afraid that she would put negative things on my chart. I have already been labeled as a "nut" because 11 years ago I had a disagreement with a Doctor who was elderly and should have already retired from practice. He was not well mentally and was quite hostile and verbally abusive to me during an office visit.

His nurse put all sorts of bad information on my chart in order to protect him in case I sued him for malpractice. (I had no intention... she was paranoid)

I was not feeling well and was in no mood to argue with her or the Doc. That slanderous info
has followed me and makes it quite difficult for me to get health care to this day.

by: Dolores

Thanks for your feedback. I also want to add that the patients comments are annonymous. Management told the employees that if we want to know the name of the patient that made the negative comment, they can scan the bar code on the back of the survey and get the patients name and tell the employee the patients name! I think this is a breach of privacy and confidentiality for the patient. If I was a patient I would fear some retaliation especially if I know there was a good chance I may need to be at that hospital again sometime.

The employees union has been notified and it will be interesting to see what the outcome is. Please feel free to comment on this also.


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