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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Workplace Bullying At Non-Profit Organization

by Wanda
(Dunsmuir, CA)

I have worked for a WIA nonprofit organization for over 11 years. The first year I was promoted and everything went well until in 2002 the Executive Director quit and the board appointed the Fiscal Manager as Executive Director.

This ED accused me of harassment and gave me a 18 month reprimand in my personnel file. I worked in a satellite office from 2004 until 2007 with no problems. Then because of a citation on my driving record, they insisted that the only job that I could qualify for was the Receptionist in the main office, the job I started with back in 1999. With the demotion, I took along two duties that I was assigned while working at a Technician. Which after a meeting with management and the union representative only to be denied any compensation, I declined to the the duties that I had been doing since my demotion in March of 2007.

Even though I was told that the Receptionist was the only position that I was qualified for, my Supervisor offered me a Technician position in November of 2007 (similar to the position I had held before demotion) but would not give me any raise or other compensation, so I declined the position.

I was given additional duties that were not on my position description, preparing the accounts payable. Then also was given a duty from the Employer Technician of checking time sheets and entering on a payroll sheet. This was expanded to do a youth Green Job program with 62 participants. The time sheets that came to me had errors in calculation of hours and overtime. I did the Green Job payroll two times by myself and had only one error, where I was returning 16 or so time sheets back person calculating the hours for corrections.

The Executive Director invited all staff to bring any concerns to her, so I did, with proof of the excellent job I had done on the corrections of the time sheets and accounts payable.

The Executive Director retaliated against me by accusing me of breach of confidentiality, asked to resign, or a letter of commitment. Later that same day, I was called into the Executive Director's office and the duty of doing the accounts payable was taken away from me after two years.

The union representative that I was working with to respond got injured and the response letter was delayed, so the management came in on a Saturday and went through my personal belongings and the computer. Our personnel policies state that no personal information be on the computer, recently when we had a system update, the Administrative Specialist came around to all employees to show them where to put their personal files, so that they are not deleted. Even though, I was terminated over the phone, on Saturday.

But that was still not enough, I was prohibited from gathering my personal belongings, then sent a certified letter threatening to throw out my personal belongings and insisting that I cash my check immediately or they would cancel them and turn over to the Labor Bureau.

Worked for the organization for 11 years, but the last six were miserable, management continued to upgrade positions within the organization, while keeping me down, until I was the lowest paid employee in the organization.

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Clearly bullying
by: Linda Guirey

Wanda, clearly what you outline is total bullying. Unjustified demotion is one aspect of bullying, but this was compounded with the unjustified allegations, the control, gate keeping and abusive behavior towards you.

In one way, you are better to be out of such a toxic environment, however these people will just continue that abusive behavior but target someone else.

Sometimes it pays to fight abusive egos and bullying, but other times it pays to just walk away and minimise the impact on your health.

I advise people to always seek witnesses, document everything, keep emails, and seek advice from Unions, sometimes HR, or advocates. HR are not always impartial, so I urge caution.

Keep your head high - you did nothing wrong.

Linda Guirey
The 'Marbles Expert'

by: Trinity

Wanda, yours is such an awful experience. Mine is similar in that I was fired over the phone on a sick day, I was going to my doctor to ask for medication to help my panic attacks whenever I saw or spoke to the manager. Like you I also worked for a not for profit organisation, with blind people in Australia. I've ended up unemployable after a magnificent career where I became a senior occupational therapist after only 2 years out of OT school. I was fired on the day I was to begin my MBA part time on-line. Because of the malice I now have PTSD and the doctors have done everything they can for me (Max dose of antidepressants and even an antipsychotic to help w the severe and physically painful anxiety) and I still can not work or even attend an interview. After I was fired I went months without any income, in and out of psych hospitals, now I'm even unable to get myself together enough to get legal aid to help me get any sort of income out of the Australian welfare system even though I have letters from my consultant psychiatrist and clinical psychologist and GP stating that I can not work again. But this bullying experience isn't unique to me or to many people. Bullied at school, work, welfare system, legal system, health system, everywhere except the university system, but at university I was half the size I am now. I realise that it is not in my best interests to pick myself up and try again, not there and in that way. The universe is telling me that I have to change, and I don't mean that I have to loose weight or get my hair straightened or a chin tuck. I am going to do something different, something where I don't have to work beneath unevolved creeps. But first I must make myself well enough to get myself out of bed before 2pm, shower more than once a week and get a handle on those distressing but understandable and normal homicidal ideations. I am going to be a writer.

Abusive Bosses
by: Anonymous

Your boss is an abuser. I am familiar with that and deal with that at work on a daily basis. You might read books on abusers because it's the same and it applies. They like to unseat you and make you nervous. They are s***s and don't deserve for you to care about them. Do your best to get over caring about your boss and understand that it wasn't you. I know it's difficult when you are feeling like you are tracked like prey. But diminishing how much you care or cared helps.

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