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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Workplace Bullying (No One Believes Me)

by Lily
(Sydney, Australia)

After my mother died, I found a new job on my birthday which enables me to start fresh and forgot about my unhappy lost of my mother. However, I meet these horrible people that ganged up to bully me, manipulate, and lied that they did not do it or said what they said.

Things got so complicated that I left that workplace, to make things worst one of the bully told management that I harassed him, but it was him that was harassing me from day one. I have two supervisors who kept feeding my manager crap and my manager believed it.

They all stood on those bully side, and no one believe me - I lodged a complaint which then started a private investigation but the problem is that the private investigate is controlled by my previous employer and these bullies so they can have all the evidences, and witnesses.

It was so simple, I just want to come in and work and make a difference - but they keep annoying me, and wouldn't leave me alone. They are trying to twist the situation by arguing that it was not intentional, or that it was office politics making it not illegal so they can get away with it. I don't want compensation, I just want the world to know that what they did and how it led to so much conflicts and unnecessary misunderstanding that cost my job.

This bully is a lawyer so he keep using these "she broke the rules etc" as an excuses to blame everything on me. They control everything - lucky I knew what is going on around me, so I had everything prepared but they have too much control so they can ask people to act around me, manipulate others, and I feel so powerless. But, it was them that was wrong - it was that lawyer feeding people false information, and now everyone thinks I am in delusional and no one believe me. Now, my resume look out of place - but it was that lawyer that started everything. He can ask a judge to authorise an investigation and make me under investigation to make me look like a criminal but it was him - it was him!!!

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This world is dark
by: Anonymous

The same happened to me and HR didn’t believe me. HR took the narcissist’s side.

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