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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Workplace Bullying Snake Pit

by James

The small bathroom remodelling company where I work looks normal from the outside, but on the inside its a place where the older employes or company snakes slither around the owner and his family manipulating everything from the work to the individual sodas available. Even when you take in the damage done from the housing market and slow economy, these chemically addicted snakes or bullies carryout their character assassinations on a daily basis.

As a refinisher I and my family have suffered extreme physical, emotional, financial, career damage. As well as faced many life endangering and destruction to my property. Also I must always be alert to plots and planned attempts on my life and freedom.

Recently the new restrictions on strong paints has given the owner and his bullies yet another reason to rough me up since I am in charge of preparing supplies for all refinishers. Just the act of turning on a ventilation fan throws the lead bully into a temper tantrum. He also has lost everything, but continues to heat and form PVC plastic bathtubs against state law. By not venting these plastic fumes, he has become completely addicted to his poison and cannot tolerate even a minute of toxic paint odor.

As punishment for trying to work in a healthy atmosphere I am again forced home for the entire work week while the owners siblings receive all profitable work with all the trimmings from plastic tub installations. Other non-english speaking refinishers are forced to work in toxic paint chambers until work is completed and paid for. This is but tiny sample of terror that is unleashed on a daily basis by these bullies!

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