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Worried Mom

My daughter is 14 in 9th grade and already starting a hard school year. I guess it would be best to start from the beginning, it started about a year and a half ago.

The last 2 or 3 months of her 7th grade year her best friend decided out of the blue (from what I can tell) to not like my daughter. I had taken her to the dentist on a school day so she missed school that day, and that evening another friend called her to ask why Rachel was mad at her, she did not know what they were talking about. She went to school the next day and none of her friends would talk to her or tell her why they were not talking to her. On her Facebook Rachel had posted that my daughter had a boob job, which to me is no big deal but to my daughter it was major and I understand that it was major from a child's stand point.

The next day my daughter came home crying and said how Rachel was spreading rumors and no one would talk to her, and saying ugly things, but she wouldn't tell me everything. I saw I M messages of this girl and others while my daughter was on line calling her names, and other bad things, and all she could do was cry and have panic attacks.

One of her teachers came to me and told me she noticed a change in my daughters behavior, so naturally I told her what was happening, and she assured me she would look into it. Next thing I know my daughter came home screaming at me that I made things worse because the teachers were heard in the halls talking about it.

Well by this time summer comes and she doesn't have to deal with it but then 8th grade year comes and it starts up right away. From here I talk to the principal about it and he tells me he was not aware of any of the problem from the year before or now. So naturally I trust him to handle the situation. I had done a little research and tried to follow the recommendations. Well that certainly did not help, the problem escalated from there with the same children and the principal had told them there were laws and that my daughter had come to him. So we dealt with it that whole school year with no relief and I informed the principal of that school that he was a failure and so was his school, because as a parent I expect my child to be safe and monitored when there and I felt he did not provide that in the school.

So now we are in the 9th grade and moved from the middle school to the high school and expected to have a better outlook. It is already horrible. The first week of school was good, my daughter made new friends and she was happy. Next thing you know Rachel has spread rumors in the 2nd week of school that my daughter has had sex with this other girls ex-boyfriend that she still likes. This is certainly not true but now the friends she did make does not want anything to do with her, they are calling her whore and slut and others wont have anything to do with her because they don't want to be on the bad end of this group.

I am at my whits end and don't know what to do. Please help.

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Comments for Worried Mom

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too long!!!!!!!
by: aura

this has been going on for too long. has you girl thought about unravelling all these lies. Go to the girl who she has suppose to have slept with her boyfriend and tell her to her face that she did not sleep with her boyfriend.
Challenge Rachel infront of everyone and tell her shes being lying. Tell everyone who will listen that Rachel has been lying.
If your girl can't do it face to face use texts and computer, get mad and start fighting back.
Retell all the lies and rumors that Rachel has been spreading and refute them.
Tell everyone that Rachel and her use to be best friends it was Rachel who ended the friendship and to this day your girl does not know why.
Don't use bad language, don't be nasty just stick to the facts.Get a I DON'T CARE ATTITUDE.
I had this happen to me when I was a teen, I didn't have a computer or cellphone, but it made me feel good to get it off my chest.
Girl stop crying and get angry.
Put Everything back in Rachels ball park. If everyone is stupid enough to believe her then you don't want them to be your friend. Goodluck.

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