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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Worried Mum

My almost 5 year old daughter has been in kindergarten for almost 2 months. She loved it. Recently she said a boy kicked her. Another day a boy pulled her shirt. Then a boy punched her in the stomach. She doesn't like big school any more. I said if anyone hurts you hurt them and tell the teacher. She said she cant. I said "Why?", she said, "I'm scared of the teacher". I also noticed she wasn't eating her sandwich. Another mum told me her son told her, my daughter got in trouble for not finishing her work, therefore not allowed to eat it.

I was extremely angry. Confronted the teacher and she said it was a way to punish her because she knows my daughter can do the work but isn't. Then she changed the subject. She also told my daughter in front of me, "we only tell mummy the good things don't we". My daughter replied "yes".

Tonight my daughter cried and begged for her not to go to school. I eventually got her to stop crying and tried to encourage her and make her happy to get her to sleep peacefully.

Please help...

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Worried Mum
by: Linda Guirey

Clearly from my perspective you have 2 choices. One - go to the management and make a complaint about your daughters teacher. What kind of teacher acts like that? What will that do long term to the children in her care?

The other option is to remove your daughter and go find a place that is supportive, encouraging to kids, and a positive environment, especially in these early years. The damage that could be done remaining in that situation, may never be able to be undone.

Perhaps consider doing both - this teacher needs to be held accountable for her actions and she shouldn't be teaching or caring for young children.

This teacher must go
by: Anonymous


If what you are saying is true and I believe it is - this teacher needs to be removed from the classroom working with younger children who aren't able to defend themselves.

Your story reminds me of going to Catholic school in the 70s. I had 2 nuns as teachers in the first and second grade that had no business being around children. They were not qualified as teachers or as professionals trained to work with children. In second grade, I remember one little boy in our class who was different. He wasn't bad.. but he was picked on. I can't remember anything specifically wrong with this kid other than he was singled out. I remember one day at school he had the runs.. he probably didn't feel well or was overwhelmed by the bullying from some of the kids in class. Instead of compassionately sending this child to the school nurse to get a new set of clothes.. this nun outed him in fromt of the class and stuck him in the garbage can..and she then stapled his tie to the bulletin board. She called him garbage in front of the class. I am telling you about this, because an abusive adult can trigger all kinds of bad behavior in other children.. This same nun - teacher used to watch on the playground as other boys tormented this poor kid..and a few others ...weird.. but I remember it vividly. These other boys were from the more popular families or our parish. This is where I got the idea that adults don't care about bullying - and that some encourage it in some strange way. I remember having nothing but migraines in 2nd grade being around this teacher. The following year in 3rd grade we thankfully had a good teacher - she too was a nun - but she was a good teacher. If kids got in trouble, she would make them write about it in a writing assignment that their parents had to sign. She combinded education and discipline in healthy ways. She was firm and calm, and knew how to deal with kids. She helped put all of our heads back together and she had to revisit many educational items that weren't covered properly by my second grade teacher. I didn't tell my parents about the 2nd grade teacher, and when I shared this with my dad as an adult he was angry and sad that I endured that alone. He said he would have acted immediately had he known about it.

I would go to the person who manages this teacher and tell them what your experience has been - immediately. I would remove your child from this classroom as promptly as you can. I would put this complaint in writing.. if this is a public school, send a letter to the teacher's union informing them of this event - voice your concerns. If this is a private school - go to a different one as there are other ways to spend your education dollar. I would still inform this school your experiences with this individual. Compliment your daughter about coming forward.. she is small but she needs to know that her voice will be heard when she needs you.

Don't put up with it.
by: Anonymous

This is all completely unacceptable. Make a formal complaint to the management, whoever is the overseeing authority of education in your area and change where your daughter goes. Don't just put up with it. Fight for change. Your daughter is too young to fight for herself, you are her advocate and protector. Trust your instincts.

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