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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Worst Co-Worker Ever!!!

by Brianna
(Arizona )

So I had recently applied at a restaurant. This would be my first job ever. I thought being there was going to be fun. I thought wrong.

There's this waitress that works with me. (I'm a hostess) and we work in the same spot. At our job we have to divide the floor into waiters. (The waiters each have their own section to serve tables.)

The company policy is to NEVER SAY NO TO A COSTUMER. So this couple walks in and I ask "would you like a table or a booth?" And they ask for a booth and can chose where they would want to be more comfortable.

So this waitress gets mad at me cause I double sat a waitress and she comes up to me in front of costumers and basically threatens me by saying. "If you double sit (let's call her Lilia) you're going to be in some big trouble." I am shocked at what she had just said to me, so I get my feelings hurt. I mean come on it's my first job and it's my second day.

Later on throughout the day she starts telling other co-workers about the incident and they all start to talk crap about me, and it's been like that ever since.

I have just started there and I'm quitting. The experience there is just so negative. To add on, they talk crap about almost every costumer that goes in. That's not very professional to me.

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Rules ..
by: Anonymous

If you are pretty and young and you know how to be professional - you the enemy!
Eagles fly alone...Chickens pick and pick...

Just stay calm
by: Nobody

I think the most important thing is to stay calm. What she is trying to do is to turn everyone against you, and forcing you to quit. She is picking on you because she feels that since you are new, you are in a weak position. Be firm, but also be patient. Just do your job properly and focus on what you should be doing. Soon enough, those people will stop picking on you.

by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm sorry to hear about this. I had a very similar thing happen to me where multiple coworkers would talk crap about my work. In my opinion, unless something is done, it will just get worse. So either report them and try to get management to intervene or quit.

PS: I'm also in Arizona!

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