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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied At Several Jobs


The first real job I had was at a McDonald's. It was ok at first until this new girl was hired. She would stand back with the other co-workers and talk about me. Saying I acted princessy and all I would ever do is sweep. One day she followed me into the bathroom talking about me, and when we got to the front we were arguing. She then shoved me and hit me. I was suspended.

Then I worked at Burger King after that again the same thing the guys were nice to me, and the girls would make fun of me behind my back and even the manager would always be on their side. She was also completely rude to me and would make fun of me all the time.

Then I worked at one Domino's which I was only bullied by one guy and transferred to another one. Once there, the manager was ok until a coworker's roommate came back to be the manager. He constantly bullied me and purposefully gave me the slowest shift so that I couldn't make money. He would always say that there isn't anyone else even though his friend, my coworker, could work the same shifts. He would tell me to stop complaining. So I quit there I didn't show up. Skip a job.

Then I went to work at a clothing store and for some reason the other girl just didn't like me. Always made fun of me for how I did things when she was the one supposed to train me, but never did. She would lie about things so I would do my job wrong and then try to get me fired. Then her friend came back to work there and again I was made fun of. So I quit there and began working at another pizza place where I am at currently.

The guys are nice to me, but I can tell a lot of the girls just really don't like me. They laugh and talk about me behind my back. Sometimes when I speak they just act like I'm not even there even though I am nice to them. I've just really suffered a lot and I'm so tired of it. But I guess if I wasn't bullied so much in school I wouldn't have quit and got my GED. I would have went to college like I planned... It just really hurts my feelings and I have cried at work in the bathroom numerous times, just because when you are bullied your whole life it really makes you depressed.

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Illegitimi non carborundum
by: Trinity

Hi, we could be twins! I was bullied at school and failed everything so I left. I got bullied at work (physically and mentally) in kitchen hand jobs and gardening jobs. I ended up a pregnant at 16 and a couple of years later I started at Uni while I was raising my child. I was never bullied at Uni, I was a 'peer', I never thought I would pass anything because I failed everything at school and failed in every job, but I ended up with lots of degree's and diploma's, a Masters Student while tutoring first year students. I then studied Occupational Therapy at Polytech (TAFE) and got bullied in almost every job. I'm now not working, can't work, PTSD from bullying, chronic major depression. Now I'm trying to get on the DSP.
I think what is happening is that the Universe is telling you something. The Universe told me that I'm too good to be a kitchen hand, too good to be a gardener, and now I think it is telling me that I'm too good to be an occupational therapist, my niche is something better, and maybe that is what the Universe is telling you. It was hard to believe it in myself when every time I was being bullied I would feel like I was failing. But put that to one side, feel the fear and do it anyway, enroll in something that will enjoy. Plan to be a doctor or a lawyer or something and "Illegitimi non carborundum" (Latin for 'don't let the bastards grind you down")

Bullied at several jobs...
by: Sarah

This sounds like the story of my own life. It's still a mystery to me why some people's faces just dont' seem to fit even though they can be really nice people, and I am sure you are a lovely person.
I still hope you can go to college or maybe even do a home study course if you feel you have missed out because of bullying.
Distant learning is a great way to learn although it does involve a bit more self discipline as there is no one there to push you on.
The job situation I sorted out by employing myself - I no longer work for a company and that has been one of the best decisions I have made.
I wish you all the best, and remember, you are no worse than anybody else, no matter how hateful they are to you.

Angry and a total loser!!
by: Annoymous

Quote by: Sarah Bullied at several jobs...

This sounds like the story of my own life. It's still a mystery to me why some people's faces just dont' seem to fit even though they can be really nice people, and I am sure you are a lovely person.
I still hope you can go to college or maybe even do a home study course if you feel you have missed out because of bullying.

Interesting, I'm the only guy posting about this topic at the moment. However, I've been (emotionally & psychologically) bullied at home by my mother, school & every available job I've done.

Yes reading the above reply from Sarah, I get that impression myself. "It's still a mystery to me why some people's faces just dont' seem to fit even though they can be really nice people."

The name calling I always receive can be extremely insulting by ruthless bullies, homophobic & pedophilia remarks! both (untrue) but offensive to me. Some will even tell me to my face that I look (strange or weird) yet when I look at myself in the mirror I look like everyone else.

The worse bullying for me was in a food processing plant I worked for 10 years, before finally leaving with severe (depression, anxiety disorder & social phobia.)From day one!! people would (never) leave me alone & make fun off me all the time, within the (factory, toilets & canteen.) Different job departments would spread false rumors about my so called different sexuality. Even thou I was always polite & courteous to them. One bloke said to my face " you've just got one of those faces, a bit shifty."

I'm no Psychologist & I hope there is someone who will reply to this thread & help me. My view is that, unfortunately for me & others, maybe we are the sort of people who send out the wrong body language signals for other to harass & bully us.

And the last part, personally I would like to get some decent qualifications under my belt. I passed no exams at school, so the only jobs available are low skilled soul destroying job environments!! Unfortunately for me, due to being bullied all my life! social phobia prevents me from going to University to study & mix & depression affects my memory to study effectively.

RE: bulled at several jobs
by: Anonymous

I'm just wondering what it is about someone that makes people want to be so disrespectful to them and bully them wherever they go? Do targets have some sort of quality that the bullies hone in on and then attack?

Reply to all your comments to my story
by: Anonymous

I want to thank everyone for replying. Yes, I have been waiting to go back to school. Like someone else mentioned from the bullying I've went through I have to take medication now due to my anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. I was bullied by my family,, in school, and in the workplace and even at church. To be honest lately when I hear these stories about kids killing themselves over be bullied at school it just makes me cry. There was one day in school another girl hit me in the face in the locker room in front of her friends for no reason. When I went to tell the principal because I thought my nose was broken. They just said oh she said she's sorry let's move on. She didn't get in trouble at all because she was on the basketball team. But I am glad that people are starting to bring these issues out into the open. Maybe one day there will be a stop to this. I have a 5 year old son and I get scared when I think of him starting school because I don't want him to have to go through that. Good luck to all

lifelong cycle of bullying
by: Anonymous

I have a bachelor's degree and worked in Insurance for years when the economy go rough and insurance companies started latying off the buyllying began. I majored in Psychology and was fired from everyt job for no reason at all, in face the company would make up reasons after firing me as to why. Evil in companies is at an all time high and I now work as a Certified Nursing Assistant for a company and will try to go to school to be a lpn. The world of working is unfair and the people that are Christians or do their work but do not do unethical things are let go. In nursing I can get fired and get another job the next day due to the job shortage. I see right through the bullies and ususally they are bosses with less skill than yourself and are terririfed you will bully them or get them fired. Life is simple work is like grade school. Trust God and move on....

bullied at nearly every job
by: Anonymous

I too have been bullied at every single job ive had. I have come to realise that it doesn't matter what industry you work in or what job you have, you can still get bullied. Before i was thinking maybe i need a career change, maybe its just the industry i have been working in but now i realise it is me. I am not blaiming my self for getting bullied but i do think bullies target certain people and they are normally the quiet ones because they think they can get away with it.

You can't change yourself, you are who you are and remember bullies are bullies because behind that loud exterior they are insecure. The only advise i would give is to start your own company or aim to find work at small companies where there are less employees.

i am very ambitious, i have a degree and now my own business but bullying has effected my self confidence and the ability to see a future, not to mention exhausting.

Wow, so it's not just me.
by: Dena

I've literally had 8 jobs in the past 2.5 years, leaving because the bullying was being condoned by the employer.

I've been told I'm sensitive and need to just grow up.

It's in all industries and all throughout society.

I strive to be the quiet background person while still sourcing enough to be happy...

The bullies seem to act worse if you're even a tiny threat to their fragile world.

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