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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied/ Intimidated By Very Large Co-Worker

by Mia

I have an extremely large co-worker. He is very intimidating. Though he only started working at my employment a few weeks ago, he has already begun to inspire terror and dread in me.

It started with my co-worker out of the blue yelling at me. The boss had stepped out and my co-worker wanted me to do his job for him. I had my own to do so I continued on. The building was packed with customers and he shouted at me in front of every one. He called me vulgar names and told me to get over there and do his job since I "wasn't doing anything"

He then proceeded to tell the other co-workers to watch me because I could not be trusted. He said I was stealing tips. He began to gossip about me to them.

I approached my boss about it. He made it clear he could not care less. In fact, the way he responded made me feel like he was blaming ME! (He said, YOU need to learn to get along with him. Tell him to stop being aggressive)

I told the boss that I was not comfortable working alone with him, to this my boss yelled at me. Told me we were all grown ups and again... YOU need to learn to get along with him.

The next time we worked together (no boss again), he did the same thing. This time calling me even more vulgar names, even louder. He has stepped it up. The customers seemed very bothered and it was clear they were now unhappy. Someone even Yelped about it.

I demanded that he cease yelling at me, and to stop with the obscenities (The "C" word!) To this he responded by yelling at me that he would indeed continue speaking to me anyway he wanted.

He followed it up by yelling at me in the back as well when I tried to step outside. I told him I did not need to hear it and went outside.

Later I found that HE had stolen all our tips from the communal tip jar. There was only one other person working and they stay in the back. I wanted to review the camera footage but in my distress could not recall the password.

I am a keyholder, I have no title but I do have the responsibilities.

Since the boss has already made it clear that he does not care, I do not know what to do. I went on an interview for another company but it doesn't move fast enough! I don't know what to do. His large size, pure hatred and anger for who knows what had me very fearful and I dread going to work. I do not want to go. I am sure that is what he wants but I do not need or deserve this.

Being Bullied at Work?
What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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