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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Connect The Dots All Workers!

by LIzzy

Bullying is real. Same type as was in the school playgrounds of grade school or the high school 'mocking' in cafeteria or hall or outside of school.

In the world of business; it gets a bit more 'sophisticated.'

The reason?

COLLEGE 'knowledge' of Psychology (head stuff) Emotion riling to get 'the lesser one to do one's bidding' … with 'a smile.' Psychology or Child Psychology (how the 'educated' look at 'just workers' (as children) is dangerous when Spritual understanding is not in the mix. (Spiritual understanding of A GOD, An eternal destiny one way or the other for all, that SIN is real and examining conscience is as imperative to prepping for a work day with others as shaving one's face or applying one's make-up. If we don't examine our conscience…all that grit and grime CAKES UP within and hardens the heart of mankind…and all one can now see from is natural rather than supernatural perspective.

If one's own self is angry; one will see everyone by that way. So one will NATURALLY; aim to protect one's own life and possessions or job position and 'importance.'

Those who point and wag fingers of accusation without cause calling someone lazy, difficult, 'missy' (term for a female young girl) fall into JUDGING …themselves. For how could one call another missy unless inside themselves they felt scared and insecure. If they rant LAZY…it is to themselves they point (they must know lazy from an interior angle) We haven't given them cause to speak this. judge not lest you be judged….someday; by GOD. (of course; one would have to know or have faith there is a God; and that's the issue…COLLEGE takes youthful minds and pretty much tells them YOU can handle ANYONE with PSYCHOLOGY. (don't believe that FAITH AND GOD stuff)

What good is it to have ALL KNOWLEDGE and not Love (Love being God) but again; 'the world' doesn't hold to this GOD stuff…love is 'physical' not SPIRITUAL sight. Love is touchy feely. Sometimes they 'rope in' the victim with the nice smile at first, the hand on the shoulder, the words of praise…that's to get one off guard. Let down one's defenses. Then…THEY NEED to get PRODUCTION from a person; or they need to trip up a person so they look BETTER THAN so they leave info out of instruction, they forget to tell of a meeting, they SCREAM OR RANT on open floor…for minor stuff…hoping to intimidate those around them OR be seen as IN THEIR VIEW ….assertive go getter to the boss keeping the little one in line.

Use of Psychology without understanding SPIRITUAL life …is dangerous and will lead to the intimidating ways that for short spell gets production up until worker QUITS and the business is left with that which they honor… Manipulators of mind and deceivers and arrogant money lovers.

Too many with 'small understanding' of psychology…using it for their own gains. …IT IS BULLYING in a sophisticated and educated manner.

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