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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Customer Service At A Grocery Store In Arizona

by Johnnie Doe
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

I am a grandma really working at this grocery store in a courtesy clerk situation for a number of years; almost 19 years. Lately the new managers are getting younger and more and more bullying types.

They tend to give me the toughest schedule(s) and also let me do the carts when it is the hottest time of the day. Yesterday I had a privilege (or an incident) where after doing the grocery carts for an hour in 105 degrees, I just came to store to take a break and go to bathroom, my manager(s) instead bullyingly tells me to go out again in getting the carts when these two managers are just chit chatting and laughing at me. I said no I am going to take a 5 minute break.

At this point the younger manager comes very close to me and said that If you cannot do it right now, you should go home and quit this job, I was insulted and punched out and left the store right away. These both guys started laughing and I was humiliated in front of my customers and my co-workers.

I know that now workplace has become very much strange but I work because I love my job and my other co-workers told me to let it go. I need help please guide me with your thoughts.

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How To Stand Up for Yourself In a Discriminatory Workplace
by: Anonymous

Personally, I would file an employment discrimination case with the EEOC. It sounds like a clear cut case of age discrimination. They are trying to get you to quit your job. Here is a link that explains how to file through the EEOC.

If you file a discrimination case, investigators will show up at your place of work and they will question your supervisors. It will be very embarrassing for all and the supermarket will likely discipline them for bringing this down on the company. The best thing is, they will be afraid to fire you. They will be afraid of you in general. They will seriously think twice about abusing you again.

You may think this is an excessive step to take, but you're right - employment bullying has become endemic. If you don't stand up to bullies they will become emboldened. When you're gone it will just be done to someone else. Even if you decide not to file, just threatening to file may put the fear of God into your juvenile management team.

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