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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Daily Bullying Builds To Meltdowns

by Michelle
(Jersey Village, TX)

My son has been bullied for years. He is very sensitive with a huge heart which is why he is bullied. He is called Special Ed, retarded, and many other names daily. There has been physical contact several times.

Last year he worked very hard on a project for school and some kids tripped him and stepped all over his project. He holds things inside so I don't cry... I talk to him everyday and we find positives in his day.

He is the one that stands up for other kids that are bullied and tends to forgive those that hurt him because of his beautiful heart. He is trying to be tougher and ignore every harsh word but it eats him up inside, then we have huge meltdowns.

Why are kids so mean... he just wants true friends.

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I do know the feeling... I experienced similar words in grammar school (I am female, however)

Somethings missing in your story...

How old is your son? If this is grammar school, chalk it up to KIDS who are KIDS. (many such 'words' disappeared in high school when the 'few' who wanted to show off with bullying another disappeared into the crowded high school hallways... and I disappeared to classes where others were 'as I' (advanced placement... same wanting to be good academically) Also that in high school I latched onto 'a group' to walk to school with (bullies never attack groups... not really) What was occurring in me in high school was 'maturity' ... and maybe in those who once were kids...they began to THINK different as well.

Also... is your son athletic? Does he belong to any sport... little league (I'm assuming he is in grammar school) Does he belong to cub scouts or any scout organization, or any community group where he has to work with others (and shows he is part of others same 'good' ways... If he is excelling ONLY on his own terms... humanity gets "jealous" (even the best one's)

Make sure he dresses in the 'same fashions' as others... if anything is different in another ... human nature 'bullies' will hone in on that and 'PICK' (folks get nervous with what they don't understand) BLEND IN as much as possible WITHOUT coming down to same level.

If your son is an 'A' student academically in grade school... maybe the school is 'too easy' ... maybe he should be in a school where everyone is at basically same academic level...and appreciates each others accomplishments such as the project that was smashed.

Are you the dad who wrote of his son or are you the mom. That you 'bolster each other' (and cry did you say?) says you might be 'mom' ... Your son might need the influence of STRENGTH emotionally... (don't get mad... I'm just talking to talk) A dad has a way of 'teaching' MALE STRENGTH in a good way... to avoid the bullies but show TEAM ORIENTED spirit... with those who are good LIKE HIM. A dad teaches son how to dribble a basketball, hit a baseball, throw a football... and 'be one with the TEAM' (while also being a good as a student in the classroom and setting example that knowledge shared is most fun... not just raising the hand with 'a book answer' but ... asking questions that brings thought and gets 'all in class involved') Touchy situation.

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