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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Daughter Being Bullied And Isolated. What Do I Do?

by Lisa J.

My daughter Thea is 11 years old. She has the most beautiful soul of anyone I have ever met. She is very soft spoken and has a hard time standing up for herself. She is so kind and would never dream of hurting another person intentionally. She tends to gravitate towards kids several years younger than her to play with including her younger brother and sister and their friends.

She started having a hard time socially around third grade. She stopped getting any calls for playdates or birthday invitations around this time. I can't for the life of me understand why. Why wouldn't other children want to play with my child?! She has had ONE friend for the last two years, her best friend CJ. They were alike because they were both quiet, sweet and shy.

Starting the sixth grade year (this year) she and her best friend were introduced to a new school and learned that they would not have any classes together. CJ has since made new friends that she has classes with and recently started running and hiding from Thea in the halls and talking to her rudely in front of other girls. Thea goes through entire school days where no one talks to her.

My heart is broken.

I have tried to reach out to CJ's father and have gotten no response. I have even looked into homeschooling options recently.

Someone please tell me what to do. My son has Cystic Fibrosis (a life threatening genetic disease) and yet I have never felt so powerless as a mother and protector as I do right now.

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New skill new friends
by: Anonymous

Enrol her in music and piano lessons and she will make new intelligent friends.

I am so sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry your daughter is already experiencing the worst of the worst in life--bullying.

It is so difficult to know what to do. Perhaps home schooling would be the best option. I know a number of adults who were home schooled and they are outstanding contributors to the betterment of the world.
I was not home schooled but was educated in one room and two room country schools. Plus my father let me follow him around the farm and do simple tasks. The things I learned from this old fashioned "home schooling" does not compare to what children get in classrooms today. It certainly prepared me to survive a most difficult life and taught me courage, integrity and to be a giver, not a taker.

And if possible, try and find a small support group as life is too hard to go it alone without understanding and acknowledgement from others of the same awareness level.

Online Schooling
by: Anonymous

Hi Lisa,

I am very sorry to hear what you and your beautiful daughter are going through. We live in a culture where extroversion and aggressiveness is seen as a desired trait to have, while those who are more introverted, kind and sensitive are seen as weak, and often become the target for others.
As a former victim of bullying and a parent of a bullied 6 year old, I believe the solution is to remove the child from the school and have them at home either being homeschooled or doing the free online K-12 schooling. Having her stay in that environment is just going to continue to break her will. Schools still do not know how to address the issue and often treat the bullying as a 'conflict' rather than what it really is...which is an aggressor and a victim. A lot of energy is being put into trying to make these bullies more empathetic and 'kind', which typically does not work or takes years to work. Meanwhile, your child is still having to endure years of torment. Just as we wouldn't dream of leaving an abused child in a home with an abusive parent, neither should we leave an abused child in an abusive situation at school.

I wish you all the best! Just keep reminding your daughter how wonderful and special she is.:)

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