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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Eyes Wide Shut

by DL (anonymous in Montréal)
(Montréal, Québec, Canada)

My 'mobbing' story happened at university. Having learning disabilities, and Asperger's Syndrome, I often had to work harder than other people to accomplish the same thing. I usually realised the goal, sometimes earned the contempt of some fellow students and even the occasional prof.

The trouble started with one or two people who thought I had no business in school. They expressed this opinion by stealing my stuff, swearing at me, taunting me etc. Somehow, they also managed to turn other people against me; so I eventually found myself ostracised –previously friendly people would avoid looking at me, talking to me, or even associating with me in any way.

I have never learned what was said to turn so many people into strangers but, as I became more ostracised; the harassment by the original trouble-makers grew more and more intense, until I could no longer go into the building where we did most of our studies.

Having no idea how to handle the situation, I tried to explain the situation to people; but the more I tried to resolve the issue, the more weary people grew about my complaints. I grew angry and resentful at the hostility of some and indifference of others.

My leaving the school did nothing to stop the harassment and character assassination... if anything, it grew worse. After all these years, the people who had started the trouble continue this character assassination among people outside that school.

So unpleasant and perpetual is this assassination among people practising my specialty, that I find myself so shunned that I can no longer practise the skills I achieved in school. I continue to struggle with the emotional affects of that time and have been unable to find/keep employment.


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You Are Not Alone
by: Rosalea Hostetler, Kansas

Your truthful, heartfelt honest story touched me deeply as it is so familiar to my own story of trying for 43 years to get the citizens of my rural hometown to see me as the person I am, not who they conjured up in their minds. Even though the instigators died long ago, there are still ignorant, unreasonable people who perpetuate years of lies & gossip, to the point that I could never make a decent living. Let's face it, you just can't change stupid. I moved away for many years but moved back 15 years ago. Even now, semi-retired, they still bully & target. I have learned to create my own small world of the five percent who are worth knowing (a therapist taught me that statistic) and then use Social Media, which I am just discovering--its a godsend. Please feel free to FB me. You are not alone.

Eyes Wide Shut response
by: John

Dear DL,

What a very sad story. Education is open to all, regardless of personal circumstances, so you should never get down. I'm sure that there must be more sympathetic friends around, you should try to cultivate them. Keep going, don't lose heart.

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