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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Government Funded Medical Facility Support Worker

I work in a government funded medical facility. One of the doctors there does not like me and has made no secret of it. He has stopped staff meetings to yell at me while I was answering a staff members question. He has told the administrator he wanted me fired and when he was told I could only be fired for poor job performance he asked one of my coworkers to monitor and write down if I made any mistakes to use against me. He has questioned my professionalism by saying my personal feelings for him could affect the way I treat his patients.

At my position I am only to be accountable to the Administrator and Board of Directors. When I approached the Administrator about him yelling at me in front of the staff and that I felt I was being harassed I was told I was not to say anything about this doctor and if anyone else was talking about him to walk away. I was also told to be careful of my facial expressions when his name is mentioned. At the next staff meeting I took a pad and pen and kept my head down doodling on the pad.

I basically got to the point I could not take it anymore and my physician has taken me off work because of anxiety and I have been put on medication. I pay into short term disability and have been declined benefits twice so I am now going through ei sick benefits. It is impossible for me to stop this because the facility is funded because of the doctor. He threatens to quit if he doesn't get what he wants. Even my doctor has told me that I will have to quit because unfortunately no one will go against him.

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