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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


by Melissa

I had to start working at an early age because my mom left me home alone with no food or money. I got a job in an Italian restaurant at the age of fifteen. I worked there full time for two years and that was an experience enough being harassed by the owner and cheated out of money. Then I got a job across the street, a chain restaurant so I figured I'd be treated with respect... I was wrong.

At first it was like a revelation, I had a good team and my manager's treated me like a professional and gave me pay raises so I was happy at one point. Then months later my general manager left and we got a new general manager. He was very by the book, but after my first job I can handle any type so he didn't intimidate me. He was always nice to me, giving me high fives, promoting me, etc. Then a few weeks ago he got in trouble by a corporate official and so instead of being a good leader and working through it he decided to take out his frustration on me and other workers.

I am always smiling at work because it makes me feel good that I'm working so diligently at such a young age so I feel happy most of the time well my boss did NOT WANT ME SMILING ON THAT THURSDAY. He pointed at me from across the restaurant, and I still had my coat on and everything and I just walked over and he said, "Don't smile I'm not happy with you." Snappy as hell too, so great way to start a shift!

He then had the Assistant Manager come with us not to his office but to the dining room where guests could hear everything. His unhappiness came from the previous night I worked apparently there was A PIECE OF PAPER left underneath and rats make nests out of paper. I said "Sorry It'll never happen again." Later that night my apron came loose suddenly, he yells, "Either gain five pounds or retie that apron!" So now he was criticizing my petite size which I cannot help.

For the grand finale today he was mad because a grain of salt was on the counter and that was my side work for the previous night and then he took away my shift for that Thursday. I don't know what to do I'm afraid if I go to corporate I'll lose my job.

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