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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My 10 Year Old Grandson Has Been Pack Bullied By Students In His Class

by Aura
(New Zealand)

For two years now my 10 year old grandson has been pack bullied by students in his class. This year he has being subjected to being sectioned at school by this group to where he is allowed to play during playtime. He has being excluded from joining in outdoor games and has being told where he is allowed to sit to watch others play. He has been sectioned in the classroom where he is not allowed to venture too close to the packs table.

When he has tried to defend himself verbally after being verbally attacked the pack has together reported to the on duty teacher which has landed him in trouble. The schools attitude to my grandsons parents concerns is to lay the blame on my grandson saying that he's too sensitive, that unless he speaks up nothing can be done and to set up a program that has made him feel that there is something wrong with him.

The school does not believe that there is something wrong with the pack. My son brought me in when a member of the pack asked the other members to hold up their hands all those that think my grandson should jump of a cliff and die. All this happened in the classroom while the teacher was busy at her desk. During interval my grandson took himself out of the classroom into the cloak room and rang his dad to come and get him. Which upset the school that he should have a cellphone more than why my grandson felt the need to ring his dad.

My involvement so far is too gather information from my grandson of the above. To ring the school to speak to his teacher who is acting principal and tell her the current abuse. And to be advise later that the pack were talking generally and that grandson happened to be close and being sensitive thought the pack meant him.

My grandson has no faith in the school. He believes to tell on the pack will make life worst for him. I have made his teacher aware that my grandson feels unsafe in the classroom and the school. That there has to be some truth in what he is saying for him to call his dad.

As a family we have suggest a program run by the police on school bullying. So that the whole school become aware of different types of bullying. Plus I have asked to be kept updated. Which I intend to follow up. We continue to nurture our boy. Any suggestions will be welcome.

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Comments for My 10 Year Old Grandson Has Been Pack Bullied By Students In His Class

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Bock Bullying in School
by: Rosalea from Kansas

It hurts me deeply to hear these continued horror stories of bullying in schools. It is going to take a concerted global effort to rid the world of bullying.

I recently learned of the most successful program to date being done in Finland, called KiVa. It teaches and educates everyone in school to stand up together and protect the target of the bullying. It teaches that bullying is a social shame, not a status symbol of the pack.

University of Kansas is going to be the first educational institution in the USA to implement this program in some selected elementary schools. I am a lay person who can do nothing more than spread the word and hope many places look into the successful results in Finland where I believe they have cut bullying in half over a number of years. It is an on-going program and with time, should eliminate virtually all bullying. And in the meantime, so many still continue to suffer at the hands of these sad, sick humans. Form a support group for your family as quickly as you can, and stand strong.

Gather Information
by: Anonymous

There was a similar situ with my son. However, this consisted of both a student and a teacher. The bully was 12 years old, my son was 6. The bully would follow him in the school yard during recess and both verbally and physically attack my son. my son got fed up and jumped on the bulliy's face, giving him a sore lip and eye. My son was brought to the principal's office. When the principal spoke with me, I advised the principal of what was going on. The principal left it at that. However, the bully's relative, the teacher, instructed my son's class and didn't seem to like the verdict. This is when she started to do her thing. I would go to the school unannouced and watched as two other kids would play and shove my son. I mean it's grade one, they're going to do this. Whne mmy son play shoved in return the teacher would single him out. Now this teacher had a problem to begin with, my son was not Portuguese as the majority of the school was and the teacher felt thta she did not have to greet me as I greet her. This is before the incident with the bully, as we had no knowledge of the relation before hand. I was already thinking of taking my son out of the school just on the lack of cooperation from the teacher to work with me. I guess she figured, if I am not from the same culture, I am lesser than. Well, I reported this to the principal and he did nothing. I took my son out and my son has been flourising ever since. While gathering inf, look around to see if there are other schools in the area. They may have a restriction due to geographic location, but this could be overcome by simply talking to the principal at the school of interest. They have discretionary power over allowing kids in. Private school is another alternative, but it costs a lot of money and there is no guarantee of a better education. The only way you can be assured of this is via handa on approach.At every interview the parents need to be there to show the teacher's that your grandchild has a support system and that this is a family not to mess with! Also, sign up your grandson to defense classes to boost up confidence. Not saying he lacks, just recommending that he adds this so he knows it could be used when needed. Lastly, I am not advocating violence, but if the school is far away and he meets up with one of the bullies, perhaps getting some closure in fisty cuffs would help too.

Thanks heaps
by: Aura

Thank you for all your support. My grandson is a natural at boxing. But we wont let him use it. The bullying has ceased for the moment, as the pack may have been threatened "not being allowed to go on end of the year camp trip". of course I wasn't informed of this but my other grandson came home from school relaying apologies from the pack. And mentioning the trip.So at the moment my 10year old is happy, less stressed but wary. I contiue to gather info about school policies about bullying. And write letters to the board and just asking questions. as for the police program I suggested. it turns out the teacher involved, her husband runs the program for the police. We rang the police prior to knowing this and they agreed that my grandson was being bullied. will keep you posted. thanks heaps.

don't let it continue
by: Anonymous

Take your child out of school if that is what it takes to keep him/her from being bullied! Home school, private school..... call social services and report abuse.

my now 11year grandson
by: Aura

We continued to have trouble from the pack bullies at my grandsons school and every time he was bullied I would harass his teacher who was the acting principal, as she was the one who said my grandson was to report to her when he was being bullied. My son told me that the last 3 weeks of school was bearable for my grandson but the passing comment by this principal in his school report was "my grandson would have more friends if he would mind his own business" I was fuming and so pissed of. Found out vis another parent whose child was being bullied, that the packs parents were very much involved in the school which is why the principal wouldnt do anything to help my grandson.
Anyway NEW Beginnings My grandson started at a new school this year, not because we took him out of school but he starting intermediate school, we were all on tender hooks because we knew that some of the bullies from his last school would be there. First day mum and dad went with him, the pack bullies gathered together my grandson stood alone with his parents.
Out of the blue came two students one who my grandson had befriended at our local pool and the other who played rugby with him, they came looking for him to the relief of him and his parents. the pack tired to turned these boys against him, which was one of their tactics, my grandson told his new friends what they usually called him and what they did to him. He was so frightened that he would lose them as friends BUT they stood up for him, NOW he is happy and loves his new school.

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