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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Heart Hurts For My Daughter

by Ericka
(Oakland, CA)

I have the most beautiful 14 year old daughter who has overcome so many obstacles. When she was 11 years old she had her first experience with bullying. She was choked and knocked to the ground and assaulted while ON SCHOOL GROUNDS!

Here is where my blood pressure went through the roof! I had no idea what happened. The staff did nothing. No suspension, expulsion, etc. I went to the district and filed a complaint against the school. Nothing happened!

Fast forward to 2014. We found out she suffers from moderate hearing loss which requires her to wear a device. The bullying started all over again. She's being called deaf girl, deaf mute, fat b.. Just very hurtful words.

I contacted the superintendent because the school has done nothing to cease the epidemic of bullying. She is at the point where she doesn't want to go to school. As a mother I hurt for her but I will continue to push for her and every other child being bullied today.

She wants to transfer schools now because she doesn't feel supported by the school staff. I appreciate you all taking time to read my post.

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This isn't bullying
by: LIzzy NJ

This episode of being shoved down is not bullying it is assault. An attack on her personhood. Obviously your daughter knows her attacker so skip the principal and school authorities and

1. File a police report (might be too late; but God Forbid assaulted again; file a police report.

2. Bypass school authorities and go direct to a lawyer

3. Get a court to order your daughter transferred to a new school on the other side of town OR privately enroll her in a religious type school (private paying tuition) OR if you are renting; find a new town to rent in…even one town away is enough distance and get an unlisted phone number and tell your daughter to stay off social media / and get a new email. (YES; go into 'hiding' where they who now have had a visit from police cannot find her.

These are DANGEROUS people…not bullies…GET a new school a new town and file charges. Take them to court. Have the police set up an undercover investigation with surveillance 'to gain proof'

DO NOT HANDLE THIS YOURSELF…get OFFICIAL HELP get a court order to tell principal your daughter must be transferred.

I'm sure a lawyer will guide you step by step.

I'll pray for you and your daughter.

by: Anonymous

You should have filed charges on the school and called the FBI. Once the FBI gets involved they will handle these so-called educators and their co-horts. Even if they are students/employees; if they are involved somehow they will go down with the perpetrator and I mean no kidding (FBI will even create jurisdiction) Somewhere along the line email, office communicators, and cell phones will be traced and they are even given enough time to hang themselves. Remember to Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Come down on them with thunder before they see the lightning! They know they are doomed already that is why they attack in material ways for that is of this world and the common man is of God; that is why we have won already. Be in Peace.

Prayers Forever


I just realized; the attack of being shoved down was 3 years ago; so if you did not file police report at that time; it is too late to bring assault charges.

The verbal stuff of name calling…IS bullying one's emotions to react; or intimidation - and there isn't a 'law against' such per se. Maybe it is harassment but only when name calling refers to a distinct trait (mocking one's ethnicity or personal attribute)

I doubt authority will care if some call another 'fat or lazy or
ugly or stupid' even deaf/ to this type of stuff …the power is within the person being bullied to WALK AWAY and IGNORE. Take it from whence it comes; they who need to mock others are lonely and insecure persons looking to feel powerful for themselves.

Get out of that school district. If your daughter is truly disabled (can't hear and school work is a problem; maybe she needs special classes BUT if she can function well if in the right environment; then I suggest if you have a home…sell the home, move to another town. If you rent, find new place to rent in a different town. (BUT be careful about just moving away anytime your daughter has a difficulty with others; that could get expensive. The better solution is to STRENGTHEN your daughter in knowing the love within her not outside of her.

iGNORE the tormentors and ….pray FOR them. WHAT! you say; why should I pray for THEM! Because that's what will raise us up into the image of the one who died to self and forgave One who was whipped, crowned with thorns and nailed to a cross. He forgave and we who accept that forgiveness and amended our ways; were raised up (matured) In same maturity we have to forgive these others who be rate us; AND ask the Lord to 'change them' / we don't have to hang around to see if He does; but in such prayers on our enemies behalf…IT WILL bring us to further transformation of Spirit.


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