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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


Being harassed cause I'm looked at as a SATANIC WORSHIPPER really when what I believe in is completely the opposite.

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It's your "right?!"
by: Anonymous

You do NOT have the right to "show them a better way to live." THAT in itself, is bullying.

by: Anonymous

there is often a misconception about Christians, God does not force us to believe in him. So we shouldn't either. People can believe what they want, and we have no right as a Christian to make them believe anything else. We DO have a right to show them a better way to live, to show them how great our God is. We like to think that we are Gods, but we are not, and that is true freedom, because if we were, we would be a puppet that is controlled, and to control others...funny...isn't that what other people already do?

Us Vs. Them Thinking
by: Anton

Those caught up in religious thinking may not be interested in understanding what you actually believe. So long as you don't agree with them and worship their version of "God" they will often simply dismiss you as either in the clutches of or a full-blown worshiper of Satan.

So the subtle distinctions of what you actually believe, or if you are an atheist and don't believe in any gods at all, is often irrelevant. To their way of thinking you are either in God's camp or Satan's camp.

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