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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Stress Management Strategies To Deal With Workplace Bullying

Stress management strategies in the workplace can literally be a matter of life and death. That's because a buildup of stress can be directly linked to a variety of serious health issues including increased risk for developing diabetes, ulcers and heart disease. One of the biggest causes of workplace stress is bullying and if you are dealing with a workplace bully then you will probably be in particular need of a method or methods for relieving your stress.

Workplace bullying is far more common than most people think and it can be almost impossible to combat. Though most businesses have anti-discrimination rules, very few actually have policies in place to control bullying. The situation can be even more difficult if the bullying is being perpetrated by your boss or immediate superior. This can leave you feeling desperate and helpless, all of which just adds to your stress level.

When it comes to developing stress management strategies, the first recommendation is always to remove the stressor from your life or to remove yourself from the stressful situation. In cases of workplace bullying that may not be immediately possible without risking loss of your job. But that doesn't mean that you simply have to sit back and take the bullying behavior either. There are steps you can take to help alleviate stress and the sooner you look into them the better off you'll be.

Managing stress begins with recognizing its presence in your life and your individual reaction to it. Once you are aware of how it makes you react, you can then take steps to prevent it from affecting you. If you feel yourself becoming stuck in a stressful situation, you can take steps to deflect it by either walking away from it briefly, performing meditation or self-hypnosis, engaging in yoga or deep breathing techniques or simply allowing yourself either a good laugh or cry.

Woman relaxing outside on warm autumn day.

djoronimo / stock.adobe.com

Woman relaxing outside on warm autumn day.

djoronimo / stock.adobe.com

Believe it or not, releasing your emotions, whether through laughter or tears, is one of the most effective of stress management strategies. That's because it allows you to release the accompanying tension rather than keeping it bottled up inside you, where it can just intensify and do actual physical damage over time.

Stress Management Strategies Include Taking Care Of Your Core Physical And Mental Health

Eating right and getting enough exercise are also extremely helpful in combating stress. How we deal with stress is directly related to the condition of our bodies. Getting a balanced diet with all of the required nutrients can help to gear you up so that you are better able to fend off whatever stress you might encounter in your daily life. The same is true for staying active through regular exercise. This keeps the body fit, which consequently improves overall health and increases your ability to fight off the damaging effects of stress.

Also important among stress management strategies is getting the proper support. Even if you can't get satisfaction through the legal channels at your workplace, having a strong support system among your co-workers, family and friends can make a huge difference. Just talking out your problems can go a long way toward reducing your level of stress.

Remember that no matter how difficult the situation may get in your workplace, you don't have to suffer in silence nor do you have to go through it alone. Reach out to others and do what you can to relieve stress so that workplace bullying doesn't get the better of you.

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