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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Taking My Power Back!

by Mary

I posted my story last night, I know they get reviewed, but I haven't seen it on here, so a little disappointed. This site has been incredibly helpful to me, so am grateful it's here. I decided to take my power back. Now that I know a target usually gets fired, I have resigned to the possibility. I've enrolled in school, and have applied for other jobs. Anyone who is negative in my personal life no longer has a place in MY world! Today, I played my favorite music, sang and danced in my living room, and had lunch with a friend. My work no longer gets to take my life away. When I'm bullied, I'll say nothing, but will document when I get home and let it go. I know bullying is real because of this site, these are someways I've decided to cope with this stupidity at work. I really want my life and sense of humor back. Thanks for being here!

Being Bullied at Work? What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for Taking My Power Back!

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by: Anton

Hi Mary, I'm so glad to hear the site was helpful for you. It's great that you are being proactive and mitigating the effect the bullies are having on you.

by: Lizzy NJ

I made comment on your first story Mary; quite lengthy in fact.

Anyway; Anton is correct as are you....no one can bully us unless we enable it. Don't. Don't say a word to them or management, management DOES know what is happening; but they must wash their hands of involvement because they really cannot 'set standards of behavior' anymore. Buyer aka Employee worker KNOW THIS going in.

Yes; the best weapon against a bully is to come to know something so well or to do something so well; you become your own authority. i.e.: you can work one on one with one boss in a small office, or you are such a specialist you enter a workforce with a title ...the title will keep some nasty stuff at bay. Another means is to acquire tenure in one firm but then; that would mean you ARE NOT a new employee. Nasty folks know they can't 'kick out' one who has been loyal to xyz firm for 10 plus years. Tenure is a good safety net. Work temp, Work Contract only until the work project is done and move on, or maybe work nights; where many working nights also have day jobs (and are a bit more secure) OR work two part time jobs in which you are using a special skill and are needed. With part time; you are there JUST ENOUGH to get done what you need to get done....and leave before 'bully' gets to being bored and needs to have some fun at your expense.

SAD world...Immature world ... and Insecure world.

Stay POSITIVE and PRO ACTIVE...don't get pulled into the bait that bullies set (emotions)

Response lizzy nj
by: Mary

Ty for your response. I'm holding on until I find new employment. A while back an employee came up to me tearing into me about her problems at work, and attacked me too. So, I defended myself., the next thing I know I'm called in the office and told I hurt her feelings. If they can do that, they could have called off the dogs here for me. I will eventually buy this book for the next job. I have corporates number in my phone if anything else happens. I'll be glad when I can get that book. I wish it wasn't an e book, makes it hard for me to refer to it when I need it. Thanks again.....xzxxx

TO Mary
by: Lizzy NJ

With respect to a good e book by Anton. The book you need to cling to is THE GOSPEL...the BIBLE. It is rich in how to's of dealing with human nature (human fleshly and of soul)

Most souls are wounded in some way (by sin) For this reason; that they don't know...they are unhappy souls. They are not in 'peace' that Go(o)d and only Go(o)d can give them. '

Never Never Never 'defend' your own self. The savior never did. Neither can you. He did what? He 'stepped back' from the scene where they tried to 'trick him' or 'get him to say it wrong' or entice him to be mad 'as they are' and HE SAW THEIR WOUNDS of flesh...forgetting himself. (people need someone to whine too even someone to 'attack' who they believe will not attack them back) It is a wrong and immature attitude but IT IS 'the world' who knows not maturity of spirit.

As on the playground; if someone kicks or pushes another child will push or kick back. Last one kicking gets in trouble. Especially if that one should know BETTER.

Do not come down to their level. Feign interest; let them gripe and attack you verbally; sticks and stones hurt the bones NAMES don't (remember that one) It's true...

feign interest...commisserate with the miserable one pity them... keep working ... as if they aren't there. When you get a chance; state a quiet; we can continue your talk at lunch; but I do need to get this done. OK... here; have a tissue and offer a candy if one is on desk... and PUSH BACK with that kind humanitarian gesture. NO HARM will come to you. Treat them like the child you have at home or know of a child. DO NOT DEFEND YOURSELF...ever.

Tough world ...rely on GOD

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