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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Team Leader

by Mel

Working for a private community services company who employ a number of staff who are either friends or family members of the owners has been difficult. The company has grown very quickly and has been through many changes... many mistakes have been made by scheduling and payroll and I have had to deal with dissent within the ranks regarding changes and errors that occur frequently.

Several staff have continually complained to me about each other so I have requested that they put these complaints in writing. Upon taking these complaints to higher management the individuals who have made the complaint have approached the person who is the subject of the complaint stating that they had no problem with them but that I had "made them do it". This has created a situation where I have been accused
of using staff to target others and has resulted in staff making unfounded complaints, my receiving anonymous threatening phone calls, defamation by staff in training sessions and general gossip regarding my abilities based on untrue information.

I have experienced several instances of this with no intervention by management (perpetrators are friends and family of the owners) and has resulted in my developing anxiety and afraid to go to work. I have entertained the thought of legal action.

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