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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Loan Sharks

Banks have sure changed in the last twenty five years. I was bullied by a bank. I did the most stupid thing I took out a loan which was way over my head. I thought I could pay it off and the banker even tried to get me to take out more. Instead of telling me interest rates could go up quite a lot and I may have trouble paying them back, they told me how lucky I was that I purchased a house in a profitable location.

Three years later and the interest rates had sky rocketed. I had to skip payments but the banker kept hassling me and telling me that if I didn't pay up they could take my home. What a difference to how I was treated three years ago when I took out my loan. Maybe what they should have said was, "we are now going to take what we wanted in the first place!" They weren't looking out for my best interest, they were looking out for theirs and it didn't matter what happened to me or where I ended up.

I gained the impression by their behaviours that the education bankers had twenty years ago to now is so different. Today it seems ok to not feel any sympathy for anyone and its alright if you need to be a bit cunning, manipulative and ruthless to get what you want. They call it having a strong and determined personality. A goal achiever and money making machine. I see it differently.

If a bank makes it known they support a good cause, you can bet your bottom dollar they are the cause of what they are now trying to support! I give the banks credit for mincing words and taking the public for granted. The public that they may have forgotten gave them a job in the first place. For me I am now on a new payment plan and guess what, the bank didn't take my house and never will!!!

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