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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Twilight Zone Nightmare

I have been working in the same office for about 10 years. A few years ago a new worker transferred to the office. She was assigned a simple task picking up the mail. Most days she would "forget" to do this task. Supervisor said nothing.

Few years later, she's molded the office to her control. Spends hours each day on personal calls. Some lasting 20 minutes to an hour. Surfs the net, long lunches, socializing with her friends instead of working,wanders in and out all day. But that's not enough. Now she's spreading lies about me and threatening me openly. Supervisor looks the other way to all of the above. Have no proof of threats.

Now I am being mobbed by her friends. No one to support me.

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by: Anonymous

AAAAH, the in your face, everyone is afraid of bully... My suggestion, because I often with I had it, though my bully doesn't do it to my face, she is manipulative and does things against the rules with no retaliation. No one wants to confront her...
Any-hoo, if they are open to ridiculing someone to their face, or in ear shot. Download a recording app to your phone! It would be nice if there is one out there that would record when someone speaks and stop, when they stop... But you may have to hit record. This will help immensely if fired or leaving and want to see an attorney. I would also record any conversations with HR or your supervisor. Most state only require that one person in the room know that they are being recorded. And that would be you! Good luck!

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