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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

UK Public Sector Supervisor Bullied By Staff

This is the first time in 22 years full time working that I have worked for a public sector company and I've never experienced mobbing like this in any other company. I joined as a temp and got on really well with my supervisor. Worked as a small team then she moved on and the position came up for her job as supervisor.

I applied for the position against two other ladies and I got the job. In total I supervise a team of seven. There have been lots of organisational changes and relocation of departments. Two of the ladies have worked there for 21 and 22 years. The rest of the team have all worked there longer than me. I do not shout or boss. I am a very calm person and I don't ask the ladies to do anything I wouldn't do myself. Trouble is they just don't want to be supervised. I have bent over backwards to do everything for them. One of the ladies made a comment to me about "if you turn into the last supervisor we'd told you we'd bring you down".

I now have five of them against me. Trouble is they are polite and sickly sweet to my face but the atmosphere is the worst that I have ever worked in. It is so bad with whispering and sly comments it's hard to put your finger on it but they make you feel paranoid and like it's you. All the information available is about supervisors bullying staff but what about staff bullying managers! This is the most stressful environment I've ever been in.

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