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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Why Does Authorities Don't Listen To Workers Voices

by Luciano Lilletti

I work in public service in a very busy division, Our boss is driving most of the staff mad. The only few staff that agree with her are the only once that are treated well and the most cowards.

Mostly the most bullied persons are the Directors not the lower grades staff. Lower grades staff are not a threat for our boss. She is a woman and where ever she worked she makes trouble bullying etc. We cannot communicate between us she enters on our computers no matter for data protection. Every day something new happens. She is a Vet and not qualified for this job. That's why she do bullying because every worker is qualified more than her. We just only hope that the story repeat itself and the authority concernated drive her away from our Division. But how can this woman keep on destroying employee from a department to another?

Authorities must indulge and see her problem why she react this way with everyone and everywhere. Maybe she is an addict of who knows of what. I think it's time that we stand for our rights and she must taste some of her own medicine. God bless her. God is our own hope.

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Good Question... Perceived Control?


It is my personal belief that the problem of "bullying and mobbing", is due to the fact that, whatever name you give it, doesn't change it's existence.

I also believe that bullying and mobbing are an integral part of "workplace culture" that is considered acceptable behaviour, they may say "we don't tolerate harassment" but that is only paying lip service to protect themselves.

Most institutions/organizations policies are based on the premise of "reward and punishment", they may not use those terms, but basically that is how hierarchies function.

Control mechanisms are in place so as to remove individuality and personality from workers and maintain control.

It may be 2009, but organizational group thinking has not changed one iota since management and labor began sharing the same space.

I am sure there are those that would disagree with me, but having had first hand experience, and watching management use every conceivable means to discredit and eliminate my position, I am amazed at how much effort they will use to get rid of a perceived threat to them.

Maybe, if they put that much effort into removing and dealing with the perpetrators, that they put into protecting the status quo, then maybe the bullying and mobbing might be seen for what it really is, criminal.

I doubt that very much though, because many times the bullying is from the top down, as it was in my case.

It had gotten to the point for me where I just could not accept the hypocrisy anymore. I resigned for health reasons, giving up a job and work that I enjoyed.

If you happen to be a sensitive person, and you sense something is just not right, and that something seems out of balance, then your instincts are probably correct.

No one deserves to be abused by another, especially if the abuse is sanctioned by management.

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