What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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This is the place for bullying articles that didn't fit in the other sections but are just as important.

The Watchmen: Neighborhood Watch, Cause Stalking or Gangstalking?
By Seana Sperling—Fine line between Neighborhood Watch and Cause Stalking or Gangstalking. When concern for safe neighborhoods turns to paranoia and vigilantism no one is safe.

Gaslighting – A Subtle Form of Manipulation
Gaslighting is a technique of emotional and psychological manipulation. It is commonly seen in cases of domestic and workplace abuse, where the abuser deliberately attacks the victim psychologically over a period of time in order to make the victim doubt his or her own sense of reality and sanity.

Menacing figure in shadow
Menacing figure in shadow

When Bullies Grow Up: Are We Living the Bullying Solution?
By Kitty Lea Angell

Animal Abuse and Bullying
Some bullies are not satisfied with bullying people and resort to abusing animals for enjoyment and as tools for manipulation.

What I Know About Church Bullying
by Margaret W. Jones, Ph.D.