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Workplace Bullying and Mobbing

Articles and Information to Help You Deal With Workplace Bullying and Now You Can Share Your Bullying Story and Get Advise and Feedback!

Workplace Bullying Book - What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

New Version of
What Every Target of Workplace
Bullying Needs to Know

is Now Available

By Anton Hout,
Founder of,
Glynis Sherwood, MEd, CCC,
Janice Harper, PhD,
Richard Schwindt, M.S.W.,R.S.W.,

Linda Guirey, "The Marbles Expert",
William DeFoore, PhD,
Catherine Mattice, MA,
Anne-Marie Quigg, PhD,
Ricky Powell, "The Happiness Guy",

and "Nathan Ford"

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Workplace Bullying and Mobbing Stories

Workplace Bullying Stories - Tell Your Story!

  • Workplace bullying stories submitted by our visitors.

  • Tell us about your workplace bullying experience and get advise and feedback from our other visitors.

  • Help others deal with bullying and submit your comments.


Workplace Bullying Articles

Workplace Violence Induced By The Trauma of Mobbing
By Anton Hout
With workplace violence everyone loses. While targets must find better solutions bullies must take responsibility for their actions too.

Workplace Bullying on Steroids: My 19 Years of Hell
By Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass, author of Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker

Dealing with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Excerpt from "Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight" by Lorna Stremcha

Mobbed at Work
Article by Richard Schwindt.
Twelve reflections on three years of counselling people who have been mobbed at work.

Thinking of Suicide? Think Again…
If you are thinking of suicide I encourage you to read this article about dealing with extreme emotions. Richard Schwindt shares his tips for getting through these feelings.

Dealing with Rage
Problems Dealing with Rage Caused by Workplace Bullying? You are not alone. Richard Schwindt shares his tips for moving past your rage.

Bullying in the Arts:
Vocation, Exploitation and Abuse of Power by Anne-Marie Quigg

Bullying in the Arts by Anne-Marie Quigg exposes the truth about workplace bullying in the arts community. The research by Dr. Anne-Marie Quigg presented in her book Bullying in the Arts: Vocation, Exploitation and Abuse of Power is compelling.

5 Part Series on Workplace Bullying Recovery
By Richard Schwindt M.S.W.,R.S.W.

Getting Help To Come Back From The Dead
Seven Principles For Recovery
Dealing With Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Thinking Makes It So

Workplace Bully Types
Know Your Enemy – A Look at the Types of Workplace Bullies You May Have to Deal With.

Finding a Workplace Bullying Counsellor
By Glynis Sherwood

Analysis of Workplace Bullying - Part A
By Latricia Wilson

Analysis of Workplace Bullying: Bullying at Work Advocacy - Part B
By Latricia Wilson

The Business Cost of Bullying in the Workplace
By Tamara Parris - Parris, Wolfe & Associates

Workplace Bullying: The Business Case Against Bullies
or Boost Shareholder Value - Stop a Bully Today!

The Effects of Bullying in the Workplace on Employees
How does workplace bullying progress and what are the common stages that targets experience

Character Assassins:
The Effects of Political Character Assassination on Public Figures

By Latricia Wilson

Examples of Adult Bullying and Their Consequences
By Ryan Rivera – We may think of bullying as being a problem among children but it is rampant among adults too.

Leonard Asper Declares Moral Bankruptcy

Bullying at College and University: A Ticking Time Bomb
By Latricia Wilson
Bullying at college that occurs between students living on campus is the result of an internal ticking time bomb having been implanted inside of an individual.

Workplace Mobbing Articles

Introduction to Mobbing

What's the Difference Between Workplace Mobbing and Bullying?

Checklist of Mobbing Indicators
By Prof. Kenneth Westhues, University of Waterloo - Empirical indicators, measurable criteria by which to conclude whether a given case constitutes mobbing or not.

Death by a Thousand Cuts

At the Mercy of the Mob:
A Summary of Research on Workplace Mobbing
By Prof. Kenneth Westhues, University of Waterloo





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Adult Cyberbullying
By a former cyberbully who, after mending her ways, found herself the target of a vicious adult cyberbullying campaign.

Bullying Posters and Fine Art Prints

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Depression Treatment Information

Stress Management Information

Dealing with Anger:

Anger Management Resource
The Anger Management Resource for quick relief and lasting control. Dr. William DeFoore provides expert anger management worksheets, assessments, counseling, books, CDs, videos and free helpful information on anger management for adult individuals, couples, families children and adolescents.

GoodFinding: Institute for Personal and Professional Development
Get expert information and guidance on child, adolescent and adult anger management and workplace violence.


Bullying Cartoon - Bullying Results in High Staff Turnover
Courtesy Carol Simpson DesignWorks  



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