What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Daily Bullying Builds To Meltdowns

by Michelle
(Jersey Village, TX)

My son has been bullied for years. He is very sensitive with a huge heart which is why he is bullied. He is called Special Ed, retarded, and many other names daily. There has been physical contact several times.

Last year he worked very hard on a project for school and some kids tripped him and stepped all over his project. He holds things inside so I don't cry... I talk to him everyday and we find positives in his day.

He is the one that stands up for other kids that are bullied and tends to forgive those that hurt him because of his beautiful heart. He is trying to be tougher and ignore every harsh word but it eats him up inside, then we have huge meltdowns.

Why are kids so mean... he just wants true friends.

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